Andhra Pradesh: Solar energy finds more takers after power cuts and soaring prices | Vijayawada News

VIJAYAWADA: With electricity prices soaring and power cuts around the corner, people are turning to solar power.
The demand for net meter systems has increased by 15% over the past ten days and sellers have started offering special discounts on certain models.
Solar energy is the cheapest and most efficient source of electricity generation. Despite the huge publicity given by the government to net metering systems, people were opposed to solar panels because of their price.
A 3 kilowatt solar system with net metering can generate up to 13 units of electricity per day and costs around Rs 1.3 lakh.
Despite offers for government grants, people have chosen not to purchase solar power systems. But the situation has changed with the proposed blackouts. “We have organized many demonstrations and stands at exhibitions explaining the benefits of the solar power system in the past. But people didn’t care. But the situation changed after the sudden rise in electricity tariffs and adjustment fees imposed by the government. We have sold 35 units this month so far, compared to only eight in September 2021, ”said Md Irfan, who heads a solar power systems unit.
Buyers are interested in the net metering system given the long term benefits.
Solar companies offer 20 years warranty for the panels. We typically consume 250 units per month. We installed a 3 kV system and our electricity bill was reduced by 85%. We can recoup our investment by saving on the electricity bill in three years, ”said John Vikram, a buyer of Poranki.

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