Animals Featured in BI’s Public Art Selections


The five public art projects selected for Something New V have been completed and will be presented to City Council on Tuesday.

Arts & Humanities Bainbridge and the Public Art Committee received 28 submissions.

The sculptures will be installed in July. Two locations are at Waterfront Park, another at City Hall, one at the South Madison Overlook, and the other at Winslow Way and Erickson Avenue.

Viking Ship by Steve Jensen from Seattle symbolizes a journey through many cultures.

Otter Moon by Pat McVay of Whidbey Island is carved from a single block of reclaimed cedar.

Portland’s Mark Brody’s Lucky the Dog asks viewers to think about what you have and appreciate it.

MacRae Wylde’s Trident of Hood River, OR, is painted steel with the spear of Poseidon, honoring the power of water and connection to the sea.

Seattle’s Matt Babcock’s Crow captures a crow picking up something off the sidewalk with powder coated aluminum.

A proposed freestanding piece in a tree at City Hall would be a prehistoric dragonfly by Seattle’s Leon White made of aluminium, glass and solar.

There will also be a presentation on housing tax prices. The plan is to spend $350,000 on rewards. Non-profit organizations that promote tourism are eligible, particularly if they increase overnight stays and generate economic activity.

The board also plans to extend the premium density order for another 18 months. Measure greenhouse gas emissions associated with the Sustainable Transportation Plan. And take a look at the housing action plan.

The duration of this project is approximately one year beginning in the spring of 2022 and extending through June 2023. This project is supported by a grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce (House Bill 1923).

A housing action plan should identify concrete steps to address housing needs, diversify housing options and increase affordable housing opportunities.

The main tasks:

-An analysis of housing conditions and regulatory influences to help understand the housing market and housing needs today and for the next two decades.

-Community engagement that will inclusively engage and educate BI communities and stakeholders on housing challenges and decisions.

-Clear concrete advice and strategies to meet housing needs.

City Council received a recommendation from the Ad Hoc Affordable Housing Committee this spring. Council asked the City Manager to prepare a scope of consultation work for a Housing Action Plan and to prepare a cost estimate for a Housing Needs Assessment and Housing Inventory.

The council selected a company, ecoNorthwest, and the city received a state grant of $100,000. The city then approved a budget amendment of $57,000 to pay the remainder of the cost.

lucky the dog

The Trident

The Trident



prehistoric dragonfly

prehistoric dragonfly


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