Antas will acquire a multi-million euro solar power plant

Image: pixabay

Installation of a solar power plant at the location where the Fadesa golf course was to be built

One of the largest solar power plants in Andalusia is to be built in the municipality of Antas. The project is funded by the owner of Endesa, the Italian company Enel. Support of 106 million euros is invested in the site, which turned out to be called “Andrea”.

A report has been released to educate the public on the upcoming solar power plant. An environmental impact statement and a public unit statement have been issued, the latter detailing the forced eviction of more than 200 farms and around 100 owners.

The installation will be located in the La Ballabona area and will have a capacity of 250 MW. The La Ribina substation will have three additional units to transform the energy produced in the wind farms of Filabres, Perejiles as well as the solar power plants of La Rambla and La Tranco.

Much of the area in which the plant is to be built was purchased by Martinsa Fadesa with the future project to build several golf courses in Antas. Many other farmers and business owners are on the verge of losing land, including Naranjas Jimenez, the transport company J. Cano and even the city council of Antas.

There has been a halt in investment in solar power plants in Antas, Tabernas and surrounding areas over the past two years, but now money is starting to flow into the area again. With the growing push for renewable energies, supported by the decarbonisation commitment given by Europe, the existing structures are also being strengthened. Other new projects are funded by Brussels throughout the province under the heading “Next Generation”.

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