artistic groups to hold their first general assembly in 2022 | Culture


Join Pleasanton Art League (PAL) member Lisa Rigge in a talk about early cameras, an overview of their printing methods, and the art of hand-coloring pictures on January 10 at 7:30 p.m. ET. To find the Zoom link, visit

In his discussion at the first PAL, Livermore Art Association and Dublin Arts Collective’s first general meeting, Rigge will discuss how early photography influenced works of art. As photography improved and rapidly gained popularity around the world, the art of hand coloring developed with it. Rigge will describe the ways in which these early photographs, especially the daguerreotypes and albumen prints, were hand colored. After this part of the talk, Lisa will show a step-by-step, illustrated example of how to hand-color a digital image.

Lisa Rigge is a photographer and educator. She was artist in residence at the KALA Art Institute in Berkeley, creating a portfolio of solar plate prints. She has won numerous local and national awards, and her work is in numerous private collections across the United States. His work has been published in ZYZZYVA; Temps de Rêve magazine; The Rose in the world; Passenger Books (online); The Soleil magazine; and LensWork “Seeing in Sixes 2019” and “Our Magnificent Planet 2020”, and soon to be released, “Our Magnificent Planet 2021”.


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