Beyond the berm: the “ART” of traveling with the ATN


As I promised, we are going “Beyond the Berm” to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure to explore Anaheim, and what better way to do so than the Anaheim Transportation System (ATN). Although when it debuted in 2002, Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) was originally limited primarily to the Disneyland resort , commuting between park visitors from nearby hotels, ART is now a system of over 20 interchangeable public routes in and around the city of Anaheim and Orange County. The system extends beyond the Disneyland Resort area, heading towards Buena Park with access to Knott’s Berry Farm and Medieval Times, and even Costa Mesa and Orange. Via rail links, passengers can even connect to Los Angeles Union Station, Santa Barbara, and Southern California beaches.

If you’re like me, your first and only exhibition at ATN is ART, and just know that you can take a tour from any of the many serviced hotels around Disneyland. Personally, I remember having quick weekends and staying just north of the park knowing that I could get on one of those little wagons for a few dollars and save many city blocks until ‘at the front door of the happiest place on Earth. This is how I have thought about these buses since the early 2000s and well into the future, and this outdated way of thinking was thrown out the door on a recent trip where I was shown so much more. from ATN. True, the ATN has grown over the years, adding routes and destinations. ATN same got new offices in 2014, indicating the growth of their operation and the promise of the future of the transit system for the city.

ART is now only part of the ATN, with 21 regular routes through the city and serving more than 70 hotels throughout the county. With 81 buses in the fleet (all of which run on electricity, compressed / liquefied natural gas, and liquid propane), ART has become the leading provider of transportation between hotels and points of interest across Anaheim and the county. from Orange, offering transportation to these locations and beyond:

  • The Disneyland Resort
  • Anaheim Convention Center
  • Anaheim Garden Walk
  • Orange points of sale
  • Anaheim Stadium
  • Honda Center
  • Knott’s Berry Farm
  • South Coast Square
  • Main square

Adults can purchase a day pass for ART for $ 6.00 or a one-way ticket for $ 4.00. Children ride for a little less. Multi-day passes are also available, and even longer passes, perfect for locals or frequent visitors, can be picked up as well. Routes and timetables can also be found on the TripShot app (available for download on Apple or Android mobile devices) which also serves as a place to purchase passes and serves as the pass itself. Through this app, passengers can also plan their own trip on demand using ART. Those who do not wish to use their phones can search for physical passes available for purchase in cash at the Bus Tickets and Information desk located at ARTIC, located at 2626 E Katella Ave in Anaheim.

Destinations can be selected, displaying route maps and on-demand service, via the TripShot app

Destinations can be selected, displaying route maps and on-demand service, via the TripShot app

But this is only ART. Again, we’re talking about the whole of ATN here, aren’t we? Launched in 2019 and named after Francisca Avila Rimpau, whose fifteen children became Los Angeles and Anaheim’s premier real estate developers, educators, movers and shakers, one of ATN’s most innovative new systems is the “Free Rides Around the Neighborhood,” or “FRAN.” FRAN provides on-demand service to a geo-fenced service area of ​​the vibrant downtown corridor known as “CtrCity” in Anaheim (more information on CtrCity will come later in the series). The service does not follow fixed routes and works like popular ridesharing apps (read: Uber or Lyft) and passengers can choose to start and end their trips at any of the preset stops near popular downtown destinations. -City using the Tripshot app or passengers can also call (714) 490-0486, or the old way to hail one like a taxi.

The vehicles themselves are all electric vehicles that can accommodate five passengers and allow rapid transport from these predetermined points. Please note (as this question has been asked many times) you cannot order FRAN to pick you up from Disneyland. The best part of FRAN? This relatively new microtransit (started in 2019) is completely free! This service is a joint venture between ATN and the city of Anaheim, funded by grants and local property assessments.

FRAN Serves as a small (relatively speaking) but rugged area full of sights and things to do, including The Anaheim Packing House, the MAKE Building, Carnegie Plaza (Home of Disneyland’s College Program Participants), and several other hotspots around the “CtrCity.” And, just because I love anecdotes, I feel the need to add that each of the ten FRAN vehicles is named after Francisca’s daughters and granddaughters, and each features a beautiful Francisca figure.

If you know me personally, you know that I despise Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) with a fiery passion. I have a lot of words chosen for this that I dare not say on paper or on the Internet. And if something is too dangerous for the internet, it certainly won’t be said. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, I have nothing but love and adoration for John Wayne / Orange County Airport (SNA) which is much more convenient for Anaheim destinations, and ATN is on the verge of making this airport considerably MORE convenient.

From 2022, ATN plans to unveil “Everyone Ventures Everywhere” or “EVE”. Once EVE is launched, it will provide transport from the SNA to the Anaheim resort area. It will be a demand / reservation based system and will consist of fully electric luxury vehicles.

Named in honor of Evelyn “Bobbi” Trout, who obtained her pilot’s license in 1928, trained with Amelia Earhart and was even hired by Walt Disney at one point, the fleet of 7 electric vehicles. ‘EVE will transport passengers from the most convenient airport in Anaheim to the Resort District in comfort.

As of this writing, no price has been set for this new service. These 7 electric vehicles, combined with 36 fully electric ART buses (of which 10 more should arrive in early 2022), and the fully electric FRAN fleet show how far ATN is progressing towards its goal of being 100% electric. . They even have a new maintenance facility with solar charging canopies that will accommodate the new FRAN fleet and expanded fleet of electric buses, along with current and future electrification needs that will only help them achieve that goal.

Now that we know how to get out of the Disneyland area with ATN, why not get on board and take a ride? Stay tuned for the next entry in “Beyond the Berm” where we do just that and check out Anaheim’s history!

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