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Art and technology have the potential to reshape the world. A visual testament to this idea is “Un {stacked} –articulations of the algorithmic condition”, an exhibition that explores the intersection of art, technology and data.

Organized by Khoj International Artists Association, a contemporary art nonprofit organization based in Khirkee Extension, “Un {stacked}” features five projects created as part of a hybrid residency program they organized this year. The exhibit – they also hosted a data workshop and a rangoli performance – is on display until December 16 at Khoj Studios.

“This [the exhibition] is very particular to understand the algorithmic condition. We have five projects and all of them seek to understand the core network system, break it down, tear it apart, and it’s also a broader connotation of what a centralized ecosystem means, ”explained Indranjan Banerjee, curator of Un. {stacked}.

Beyond the usual

The projects on display explore existing networked systems and also expand possible alternatives for an imagined future. The artists’ ideas are presented creating an immersive experience that breaks the divide between art and technology.

Pixelated Elephants by a4.achaar

‘Persuasion Lab’ by artist-activist Manuel Beltrán and lawyer-researcher Nayantara Ranganathan explores the fabrication of political subjects through algorithms by observing political ads on Meta (formerly Facebook). Thus, the project demonstrates the escalation of propaganda.

“We’re trying to work with the idea of ​​how targeted ads create fragmented realities,” Beltrán said.

New media artist Nandita Kumar, meanwhile, focuses on democratizing key environmental knowledge through her project titled “Osmoscope”.

Kumar experimented with graphic notations, in which water-related data and graphics were organized to form a sound score. His work is detailed through a web application and a book.

For a better future

Padmini Ray Murray seeks to design alternative digital ecosystems based on feminist characteristics through his project “A Fever Dream of a Feminist Internet”.

Its exhibition includes a 3D essay “Gathering Multitudes: A Bag of Stars”, an interactive workshop “Who the data thinks we are” as well as a solar server currently underway at Khoj Studios. Murray has thus created an experience that juxtaposes the virtual and the real.

‘Pixelated Elephants’ is a work of designers Dhruv Saxena and Praveen Sinha (their collective is called a4.achaar). Their project involves material artifacts, augmented reality, and video evidence that present stories from a future alternate world of journalism.

In another work entitled “In the Times of Madafangwara” by Swagata Bhattacharyya, the artist, through an alternate reality game, shows how disinformation, fake news, hate speech, etc., shape our present, our past and our future. The five projects, still under construction, reveal the hidden realities of our time, while keeping the artistic essence intact.


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