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So, the last time we inquired about the upcoming adaptation of Netflix’s live-action series of Cowboy Bebop, viewers were treated with a range of key character profile art posters focusing on Jean Choby Spike Spiegel Mustafa Shakiris jet black, Daniella Pinedait’s Faye Valentine, Alex Hassellis vicious, Elena Satine‘s Julia, and (of course, it goes without saying) Ein. But now that we’ve hit the two-week mark before its November 19 debut, we’re going back to the grindhouse sci-fi promotion style we’ve loved since they ditched that production video shot from Ein’s point of view. . First off, Spike and Jet play the backing vocals while Faye takes center stage and steals (for the bonus, of course) the show:

Image: Netflix

Now, without further ado (and with a few cool extras waiting for you afterwards), here’s a preview of the official trailer for Cowboy Bebop for you to check or verify for the 387th time (picking up his Netflix bounty on November 19):

Previously, viewers had been treated to an extended preview of the highly anticipated series titled “The Lost Session” (with the promise of an official trailer in a week’s time). From seeing the trio in serious kick mode for the first time to visions of big bad Vicious (Alex Hassell) to a bounty catch that goes a bit wrong (we’re on Faye’s side on this one), the following is the best sense of how close the series is to the lively vibe:

Welcome to the world of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop!

Spike Spiegel (Cho): Spike Spiegel is an incredibly cool “cowboy” (bounty hunter) with a deadly grin, a twisted mind and style to spare. He travels the solar system with his former police partner, Jet, pursuing the most dangerous bounties of the future with a combination of charm, charisma, and deadly Jeet Kune Do.

Jet Black (Shakir): Jet Black was one of the few honest cops in the solar system before an ultimate betrayal robbed him of everything he loved, forcing him to lead a wandering life of bounty hunting to put food on the table . Jet is a die-hard jazz enthusiast and captain of the Bebop.

Faye Valentine (Pineda): Faye Valentine is a daring, brash and unpredictable bounty hunter. Suffering from amnesia after years of cryogenic freezing, Faye does whatever it takes to survive. Whether she’s lying, stealing, or just being a thorn in Spike and Jet’s side.

Cowboy Bebop: Faye Valentine takes center stage in key new art poster
Cowboy Bebop – Image: Netflix

Vicious (Hassell): A man who really enjoys killing, Vicious is the Syndicate’s most notorious hitman. He is also Spike Spiegel’s ex-partner and nemesis.

Julia (Satin): With sensual beauty and a voice to die for, Julia is the dreamlike object of Spike Spiegel’s desire. She struggles to survive in a violent world.

Chalmers (Stults): Chalmers is the epitome of a Western lawyer. He is also the former co-detective of Jet Black in the homicide division of the ISSP. He sports a chronic smile that makes you want to hit him right in the face… especially Jet. And that’s only partly because Chalmers is dating his ex-wife these days.

Ana (Tunie): Ana is the owner of the hottest underground bluesy jazz club on Mars. And although she acts as Spike’s surrogate, there’s nothing warm and cuddly about her. Cool and intense, Ana is definitely not a woman to be laughed at.

Gren (Park): Gren is Ana’s right-hand man. They run the front of Ana’s jazz club. As capable with their wit as a Glock, as confident in a dress as a costume, they are a Bowie-like embodiment of the alluring, alluring beauty of the 22nd century.

Mao (House): Mao is the Capo of the Syndicate’s “White Tigers” family. Despite, or perhaps because of, her blue collar background, Mao is more cunning, skillful, cunning, and murderous than her counterparts.

Shin (Truong) & Lin (Xuande): Dressed to kill (because they do), Shin and Lin are the henchmen of Vicious’s twin Syndicate. Although they are afraid of their volatile boss, they are fiercely loyal to Vicious in his quest (for reasons we haven’t yet figured out) to take down Spike Spiegel.

The series is a co-production between Netflix and Tomorrow Studios (a partnership between Marty Adelstein and ITV Studios), with André Nemec and Jeff pinkner of Midnight Radio as showrunners and executive producer. Christophe yost (Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok) wrote the first episode and will be executive producer. Besides, Josh Appelbaum and Scott Rosenberg by Minuit Radio (Limetown, High Fidelity, Knightfall); Adelstein and Becky Clement of the studios of tomorrow (Snowdrops, Hanna); Yasuo Miyakawa, Masayuki Ozaki, and Shin sasaki of Sunrise Inc; Tim Coddington, Tetsu Fujimura, Michael Katleman, and Matthew Weinberg will be executive producer. Original anime director Shinichiro watanabe serves as a consultant. The editorial team includes Nemec, Yost, Vivian lee (Lost in space), Liz sagal (Sons of anarchy), Karl Taro Greenfeld (Ray donovan), Alexandra E Hartman, Sean Cummings (Everything sucks!), Javier Grillo Marxuach (Lost), and Jennifer johnson (Designated survivor). As for the directors, the ten episodes will be divided between directors Alex Garcia Lopez (daredevil) and Michael katleman (zoo).

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