Girard Township supervisors to vote on solar energy project


A solar energy farm could be the first to come to Erie. That’s if Girard Township overseers go ahead with the Cypress Creek company plan.

Here’s more on what the project will entail if approved by Girard supervisors.

We are told that if approved by supervisors, we will most likely see more jobs come into the community while saving the planet.

The 200 acres of open field could soon be turned into a solar farm by Cypress Creek Renewables, a California-based company. The company has solar projects in 25 states.

“Generating electricity this way is a carbon-free way to generate electricity. So there’s no intake, there’s no sound, there’s no gas in the air,” said Parker Salon, community development manager, Cypress Creek Renewables.

The $25 million project will include solar panels that will track the sun to generate power for nearly 3,300 homes in the area.

Many people wonder why the company chose this area?

“One of the great things about solar power and ground-mounted solar installations is that it brings power generation to every corner of every community in a state like Pennsylvania,” Salon said.

There are, however, some concerns.

“The only thing that really worries me is the breakdown of the project. When the project is complete, they say it’s a 30-year lifespan. When the project is finished, the township is not obligated to get anything out of it,” said Girard Township Supervisor Peter Dion.

“At the end of the hypothetical 40-year solar farm, the equipment can be removed and the land can be restored and reused for another use and this is a great way for the Township of Girard to really preserve this land for the future generations,” Salon said. .

October 12 is the last meeting with the supervisors of the township of Girard. If this project is approved, the solar project will start next year.

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