Government offers 50 pc grant to convert drip irrigation system to solar power


MULTAN – The government of Punjab is offering a 50 percent subsidy to farmers for installing solar power systems to further modernize the drip irrigation system.

According to an official from the Ministry of Agriculture, the government has allocated 3.67 billion rupees to install a solar power system. The solar power system would be installed on 20,000 acres across the province. The solar system will run motors and install a drip irrigation system that would save diesel, water and electricity, he said. He said that currently farmers are using diesel to run water engines which adds carbon to the atmosphere. The country has more than 8 hours of direct sunlight, which is enough to keep the engine running, he added. The solar power system is cost effective and vital for maintaining a clean and clean climate.

To benefit from the solar power programs, farmers were advised to contact the relevant Agriculture Department offices.

The systems would help save diesel, water and electricity, Punjab Agriculture Minister Malik Nauman Langrial said while announcing the subsidy and other developments.

“There will be a reduction in production costs and an improvement in production per acre,” Langrial said.

“We are experimenting with a drip irrigation system in rainfed areas for cotton growing,” he explained, calling it “better technology for rough terrain”. “In the future, thousands of acres will be able to grow cotton,” Langrial noted.

Commissioner for Special Inflation Control Actions

Multan division commissioner Dr Irshad Ahmed called on all deputy commissioners in the region to ensure strict action against profiteers to control inflation. Presiding over a divisional video link conference here on Saturday, the commissioner said the provincial government has given the masses the task of ensuring product availability at controlled prices.

He called on all the deputy commissioners in the region to pay particular attention to the prices of poultry, fruit and vegetables. He asked the officials concerned to make all the wholesale outlets and Sahulian bazaars operational for public facilitation.

The commissioner asked officers to contact all stakeholders for the supply of flour and sugar.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Amir Karim Khan said that the district administration had launched a comprehensive crackdown on profiteers. He informed the Commissioner that the supply of flour to all flour mills was continuing throughout the district. He said price control magistrates have been tasked with ensuring strict action against profiteers without any discrimination.

17 hotels, 15 stores closed for violation of SOPs

The district administration sealed 17 hotels and 15 stores for lockdown violations in a district-wide crackdown on Friday evening.

In accordance with the special directives of Deputy Commissioner (DC) Amir Karim Khan, Deputy Commissioner (AC) of the city Khawaja Umair Mahmood and price control magistrates raided various markets in the city to ensure the implementation lock. Agents sealed 17 hotels and 15 stores for violations and filed initial information reports against five of them.

The DC said in a statement that the district administration is working to ensure the lockdown is implemented. He said violators will be treated with iron fists as part of the government’s zero tolerance policy.

He said special teams had been formed to ensure the implementation of the lockdown instructions, adding that violators would be arrested in the next phase.


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