How Idahome Solar Demystifies Solar Power for Idaho Homeowners


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With its sprawling hills and clear blue skies, Idaho is known as one of the best destinations for snow vacations as well as summer camping and outdoor activities.

But what Gem State’s great weather is also perfect for is the power from the solar panels.

With the majority of the year consisting of clear skies, Idaho is an ideal candidate for collecting solar energy for home use.

Yet, paramount as it is, due to the lack of available resources and support, few Idahoans have a clue about getting solar panels for their homes. But thanks to an emerging Idaho-based solar company, Idahome Solar is changing the way residents power their homes and properties.

After discovering how solar energy could be a game-changer, Tyler Grange saw the potential of solar energy and the impact it could have on the state of Idaho. Despite the fact that an array of solar panel companies came to Idaho to solicit their equipment, none offered consumer support after the point of sale and in many cases these companies eventually closed their doors or have become inaccessible.

With a genuine interest in solar technology and its beneficial effects on the environment, Grange went on to create Idahome Solar in 2018.

While many would associate solar panels with a luxury, Grange’s Idahome introduces a whole new way to purchase and finance home solar panels.

First, much to the consumer’s surprise, after approval, Idahome does not require any down payment. And instead of a $200-$300 electric bill, homeowners will pay for their equipment instead. Similar to a fixed payment like a car bill, Idahome reduces uncertainty about the cost of someone’s electric bill with a regular monthly payment that doesn’t fluctuate.

“With a utility bill, the price goes up and down with usage,” says Grange. “But with solar power, instead, you’re not paying for consumption, you’re paying for your solar panel equipment. At Idahome Solar, we turn someone’s responsibility into an asset.

With a financial infrastructure in place for consumers that makes solar power accessible, Idahome has provided not only premium solar equipment to its customers, but also service and support for years to come.

Founded by an industry advocate and enthusiast, Idahome is the first of its kind to introduce a new way to invest in and use solar energy.

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