How One Napa Winery is redefining luxury


Cultural construction of luxury is a litmus test for a society’s achievements and concerns. It evolves over time, shifting consumer behavior towards conscious know-how and goal-oriented acquisition of goods and services. While the global pandemic has hit the hospitality industry the hardest, its luxury segment has shown resilience. He supported much-needed economic recovery efforts around the world. From Spain to Mexico, providers of luxury properties and experiences are proactively questioning what it means to have the means to change the world. In the United States, Napa Valley winemakers have been at the forefront of luxury hotel concepts for more than a century.

The latest change addresses guests’ growing desire to move beyond high-end amenities, signature spa treatments and gourmet cuisine to something more meaningful. Don’t worry, beloved spas and fine dining are here to stay. Holistic approach to programming simply expands the notion of wine tourism. It focuses on supporting the local arts scene, social and environmental justice, and focuses on building lasting people-to-people connections. The aim is to strengthen post-pandemic communities which now also fully include virtual friends. As tourists are “finally coming back” to California, Napa Valley is leading the way. Among its landmark ventures, St. Supéry Estate Vineyards & Winery serves as a fascinating case study in radically reimagining the connection between hospitality and philanthropy.

The art of seeing

While wine tasting remains a valid reason to visit vineyards, estates are finding that people are responding more enthusiastically to the artful storytelling facilitated by wine events. In other words, wine has become an integral part of California’s vibrant cultural landscape. St. Supéry caters to art lovers with a calendar of exhibitions in several mediums. Artists Topher Delaney and Calving Chin of the dynamic artistic duo Delaney + Chin organized the beautiful sculpture walks in the gardens of the estate as well as the exclusive commissions everyday heroes exhibition featuring monochrome portraits of 24 local volunteers photographed by 8 local photographers. Art is a powerful tool for maintaining community well-being.

The main on-site gallery currently focuses on fine art photography celebrating the natural wonders of Northern California. Photographer Sally Seymour presents striking portraits of fruit harvested from nearby Dollarhide Ranch orchards. Award-winning John Comisky lens captures native wildlife in stunning color images worthy of his role as President of Napa Wildlife!

The Rim of the Pacific gets its close-up from Keith Blodgett. This show has proven so popular with visitors that it is in the process of being expanded and extended. All proceeds from the sale of additional works will directly benefit Every Mother Counts.

The art of giving

Charitable giving has broken records in the United States over the past two years, showing a steady increase in both funds raised and number of donors. For many guests inspired to get involved in philanthropic causes, St. Supery eliminates the anxiety of taking on this great responsibility. Much of its programming focuses on opportunities to make a difference. So much so that the annual national Giving Tuesday initiative has evolved into an ongoing series of Giving Tuesdays and a dedicated podcast supporting a variety of deserving organizations such as Humanity Showers, Primo Center, Voices of Our City, and others. The spotlight is currently on the Oceans 2050 Foundation, which advocates for global solutions to the many problems facing the seas.

A series of events includes an evening with the president of Ocean 2050, environmental filmmaker Alexandra Cousteau. His grandfather Jacques-Yves Cousteau was one of the world’s most influential ocean explorers and a champion of sea life. And shot that Red Hat into an iconic fashion statement! There are many ways to give to St. Supéry. From wine boxes and tastings, to organizing fundraisers and nominating your own everyday heroes, everyone can experience the joy of contributing to a common goal of making the world a better place.

The art of healing

From slow fashion to supply chain transparency, sustainability reigns supreme among luxury consumer trends. Napa Valley’s agrarian and cultural microcosm is at the forefront of climate change concerns. The negative impact on its unique terroir impacts local communities both in long-term planning and in daily life. Two-thirds of St. Supéry’s more than 1,500 acres is a de facto reserve promoting natural biodiversity of plants and wildlife. Over the past 5 years, water consumption has been reduced by 50% through efficient water recycling and improved irrigation efficiency. They continue to source glass only from North America that contains high recycled content. Remarkably, solar energy offsets 90% of the winery’s energy bill. From its farm-to-table mindset to its commitment to sustainable seafood, the estate’s culinary offering is another element that deserves praise for conscious innovation under the visionary leadership of Chef Tod Kawachi. You can indulge in a caviar tasting from the only eco-certified sturgeon farm in the country and an aromatherapy workshop exploring a unique sensory rolodex; and feel good about supporting vital work for worthwhile causes.

St. Supéry has been one of the most proactive companies in the state when it comes to implementing strict sustainable practices across all of its units. This is how culture and community come together to inspire change to help the Earth. Welcome to the new normal of luxury.


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