Liter of Light, UST partner for solar art to stop global warming


An art installation made up of hundreds of solar lamps illuminates the soccer field of the University of Santo Tomas. The large-scale installation, unveiled on December 22, 2021, is a partnership between the university and the NGO Liter of Light to call for urgent action against the climate crisis. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

LITER of Light and the University of Santo Tomas (UST) have formed a partnership for a large-scale solar art installation to raise awareness and call for urgent action on global warming.

The installation is part of “Messages for the Planet”, the latest initiative of Liter of Light, a global solar lighting movement born in the Philippines, following the success of its award-winning “Light It Forward” campaign.

The initiative engages young people to lead the call for climate policy change, even amid the coronavirus pandemic.

By inviting young climate leaders and environmental luminaries from UST to design and build a large-scale facility using its handcrafted solar lights, the organization is using its platform to amplify voices calling for climate action.

The UST installation, unveiled on the university’s football field on December 22, features a bright sun and the number 1.5 to represent the critical threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius that the world must adhere to in order to ” avoid major climatic disasters, including super typhoons, which are the direct result of rising ocean temperatures.

“This week we are again faced with the fact that the Philippines is on the front lines of the climate crisis. We can – we must – act now,” Illac Diaz, Founder and Executive Director of Liter of Light, said in a statement. Press release.

“Typhoon ‘Odette’ destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes and lives across the country in a matter of hours. Through this symbolic installation with UST, we are calling for dramatic action to stop the global warming that is devastating our environment and endanger our way of life, “he added.

The installation is one of a series of pop-up artwork that Liter of Light is building in Metro Manila to raise awareness and raise awareness of the urgency of climate action.

Liter of Light recently completed large-scale solar art installations in St. Andrews, Scotland, with young environmental leaders and student representatives at the World Climate Change Conference, COP26.

Following the unveiling of this week’s installation, which includes a Mass in honor of the victims of this latest natural disaster, the lights used to create the artwork will be deployed in communities ravaged by Typhoon “Odette”.


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