Loans for farmers – those who want to grow their small farm, who want to be competitive or who are just starting out. Short-term loans of up to 1-12 months and long-term loans of up to 5 years are provided to farmers.

These financial solutions provide a great opportunity to purchase additional farmland, machinery, equipment, building materials, fertilizers, seed, fuel or other farm essentials. We understand that additional obligations only increase costs, so loans to farmers are provided without pledging fixed assets.

Fair conditions for farmers

Fair conditions for farmers

  • Low and fixed interest rate. Interest of just 2% per month, as determined at the time of application evaluation, for each individual farmer.
  • Loan amount from 500 to 3000 USD. We pay the loan amount according to your request in cash or by bank transfer to your account.
  • Flexible repayment period. Loan repayment period from 1 month to 5 years with the option of early repayment or extension.
  • The loan is extremely fast. We usually respond within 1 business day of receiving your application, and within 1-2 business days we grant the loan itself.
  • There are no additional or upfront fees.
  • No overpayment. Regardless of the amount of the loan, farmers can repay the loan at an early stage without additional charges, interest or penalties.
  • We guarantee the security of your data and guarantee the confidentiality.
  • We work all over Lithuania. Loans to farmers are provided throughout Lithuania, regardless of place of residence.
  • Result orientation. We will help you find the most appropriate and effective solutions to your problem. We work to make your ideas a reality.

How to Get a Loan for a Farmer

How to Get a Loan for a Farmer


  1. Click “FILL IN APPLICATION” and fill in all required fields.
  2. You attach the requested documents to the loan application and click “Apply”.
  3. If necessary, you answer some additional questions that are needed for the evaluation.
  4. You sign a loan agreement.


    1. After receiving your loan application, we appreciate the opportunity to lend a farm loan.
    2. We verify the information in the documents you send us.
    3. We are sending you an offer.
    4. After the contract is signed, we pay the loan amount.
    5. We are monitoring the refund process.

If you need a loan for agriculture, please complete the loan application form.

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