Ministry faces opposing views on electric vehicles and solar power


Islamabad: The climate change ministry feels perplexed because of the energy ministry’s opposing views on the issues of electric vehicles (EVs) and solar energy.

An official from the climate change ministry informed that when they ask the energy ministry to play its role in promoting electric vehicles, it maintains that this is not a good idea at the moment as they already have struggling to provide electricity to everyone. the country’s consumers.

He said on the other hand when they ask the energy ministry to extend its aid for the promotion of renewable energies, then he argues that they already have a surplus of electricity, so if other sources were used, much of the electricity would be produced by it would be a waste.

“We are quite confused at the moment because the government wants to promote the use of electric vehicles and renewable energies to improve the natural environment and fight against the negative impacts of climate change,” he said.

He said Pakistan had informed the international community that it was working on a plan to ensure that by 2030 at least 30% of vehicles used in the country would be electronic.

“We also assured the world that Pakistan would become the best example of a green energy revolution, as it is on track to meet renewable energy targets by 2030 and will bring it to 60% through renewable resources,” he said. he declared.


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