Samsung The Frame TV review: discover the art of watching

Samsung’s Frame TV comes with standard black bezels but is unique in that it can be customized with different colors – including beige, red, and white – to live up to its name – The Frame. It also has Samsung’s One Connect box for easy cable management.

Only one wire needs to be connected to the TV, the rest goes into the One Connect box, which makes it look neat. There are four HDMI ports and two USB ports.

The USP of Frame TV is its Art mode, which transforms it into a large digital frame that can adorn the walls where you can choose your own images or choose from what Samsung offers. The Frame TV doesn’t support Dolby Vision, but the picture quality on HDR content – especially using Samsung’s Intelligent Picture mode – is really good.

The color reproduction is nice and the brightness levels are efficient. It also retains a fair amount of highlights. When watching animated content, the colors are vivid and punchy.

The TV runs on Samsung’s Tizen user interface and is easy to use. The 55-inch variant has a 120 Hz screen, which makes the interface smoother to navigate. Audio output varies depending on screen size.

Samsung offers 40W speakers with the 55in or higher version and 20W on the smaller sized variants. The sound reproduction, for a medium-sized room, is optimal even at low volumes. The remote control also comes with a charging port and does not need batteries. It has a solar panel that will charge under a light source.

The 43-inch variant of The Frame starts at Rs 58,999, while the 65-inch costs Rs 1,21,999.


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