Solar power project completed at Cheshire Construction Company


CHESHIRE, CT – A three-part solar power project at Lane Construction Corporation in Cheshire has been completed, officials at Hartford-based solar power developer Verogy said on Monday.

The project includes a 210 kW battery on the main building in Lane, a 129 kW ground-based system on the company’s property and a 326 kW system on the company’s carport, according to officials. The car port is also equipped with four charging stations for electric vehicles (EV).

By working together, the three components of the solar project will offset almost all (98%) of the company’s total energy costs, officials say.

The network of 1,666 modules “will produce 766,204 kilowatt-hours of Class I renewable energy per year, or the equivalent of the amount of electricity needed to power 99 homes,” officials wrote in a press release. “The electricity will be produced without producing any emissions and will offset approximately 543 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.”

“The Verogy team is proud to have helped Lane embrace renewable energy,” Verogy CEO William Herchel said in a statement. “Lane will realize substantial financial and environmental benefits, while also supporting its workforce with the carport portion of this project, which will provide covered parking and free charging stations for employees and visitors. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Lane, it is always great to help businesses make the switch to clean energy. “

In addition to the financial savings generated by the roof, ground mount and carport projects, Lane is enrolled in Connecticut’s Zero Emissions Renewable Energy Credit (ZREC) program and hopes to earn $ 500,000 in ZREC income over the years. Next 15 years, offsetting 33 percent of the total cost of the project, according to the press release.

“Not only are we looking forward to the financial benefits of going green, but we are also grateful for the opportunity to do our part for the environment by taking these important steps to reduce our CO2 emissions,” said Robert Hoffman, director of mechanics at Voie. “Thanks to Verogy for their support in making this project happen.”


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