This portable microgrid in a box combines human and solar power, creating a renewable energy source!


I’m all for alternative energy sources, but a portable microgrid in a box that combines human and solar power? It’s the first I’ve heard of it, but that’s what mySUN promises to be!

If there’s one thing COVID-19 has taught us, it’s that we can’t take life as we know it, and our world, for granted. Because things can change in seconds, and without warning. Protecting, preserving and taking the utmost care of Mother Earth should be our number one priority now. And one way to do that is to take climate change seriously and actually fight it! WZMH Architects invests in creating smart energy solutions to address climate change and reduce the need for fossil fuels. One of their super cool inventions is mySUN! It’s basically a microgrid in a little box, run on a bike! WZMH Architects partnered with Ryerson University to create this “personal green power generation machine”. mySUN can be used to power and support almost anything from LED lighting to mobile devices to air conditioning units.

This sustainable energy producer essentially depends on a plug-and-play system. The system works perfectly with the Sunrider bike from WZHM Architects (a solar bike). You connect mySUN to the bike and generate your energy while cycling! Energy is created via biomechanical power and is even stored. Since the average person generates nearly 100-150 watts of power when riding a stationary bike, by combining mySUN with the Sunrider bike, you can generate enough power to power lights in a 300 square foot space. for a whole day! How cool is that? It is the perfect combination of human and solar energy!

The portable DC voltage box is small enough to fit into apartment walls. Zenon Radewych, Director of WZMH, said: “mySUN can be integrated into a community of DC-based buildings, all powered by the same DC microgrid. Green energy is then created through the use of solar panels, wind turbines or energy bikes, and is stored in batteries that are part of mySUN.

Imagine the potential of such a creation! mySUN could be used to power apartment complexes and entire buildings, without having to set up complicated and huge electrical installations. There would also be no need for copper wiring in the buildings! Hundreds of mySUNs could be set up to generate sustainable energy and power entire communities.

Inventions like mySUN can drastically reduce our carbon footprint and provide renewable and cost-effective alternative energy sources. In a world that is really trying to become more sustainable and greener, innovations like mySUN are a godsend!

Designer: WZMH Architects


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