US Senator Ossoff discusses solar power during visit to Savannah


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – The head of the US Department of Energy, along with Senator Jon Ossoff and the mayor of Savannah Van Johnson, participated in a panel discussion to discuss the benefits and the need to adopt the solar energy.

This included not only the increased use of renewable and clean energy sources, but also the creation of manufacturing opportunities to produce the solar panels and systems.

During the roundtable, Senator Ossoff said the pursuit of more solar energy is aimed at ending pollution, investing in U.S. manufacturing jobs and fostering energy independence.

Mayor Johnson underlined during the discussion the city’s commitment to clean and renewable energy, and that it will soon seek to equip 22 city facilities with solar panels. Mayor Johnson says the plan is to fund the city’s solar initiative through a solar power supply deal that he says will deliver immediate savings and provide access to federal tax incentives.

Secretary Granholm also highlighted how lucrative the manufacturing side of clean power generation can be.

“You know there will be a $ 23 trillion global market for products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. $ 23 trillion by 2030. Other countries are looking for this market, ”said US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm.

Senator Ossoff is also pushing for the passage of the Solar Energy Manufacturing for America Act, which his office says will boost solar production in the United States, create jobs and help meet the Biden administration’s goal of doing so. so that solar energy accounts for 40% of the country’s energy in 2035.

Senator Ossoff’s solar legislation is in the next reconciliation bill.

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