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Art Circle Public Library is proud to have participated in the inaugural concert of the Glade Dixieland Band, which made its debut on June 1 in Cumberland Hall.

Great New Books

The Latecomer by Jean Hanff Korelitz. This saga of the New York-based Oppenheimer family begins with Salo and Johanna Oppenheimer meeting under less than ideal circumstances, leading to a bizarre marriage of more convenience than love. Johanna struggles with infertility but later manages to have triplets – Lewyn, Sally and Harrison – through in vitro fertilization. The triplets aren’t close and the siblings are working harder and harder to get away from the family. Johanna’s desire for a happy family leads her to conceive a fourth child, Phoebe. But does the arrival of the latecomer give the results hoped for by Johanna? The author tackles themes of religion, Salo’s infidelity, wealth, and deceits over the years, as well as, eventually, adult Phoebe’s hopes of reuniting them all in a real family.

Rebels at Sea: The Race in the American Revolution by Eric Jay Dolin. After distinguishing between privateers and pirates (often mere lawless thieves), the author ably defends and demonstrates the crucial impact of the American race on the Revolutionary War effort. Individual colonies and Congress granted permission to private shipowners, authorizing their crews (with restrictions) to seize British merchant and naval vessels. The “prized” ships and their contents have been sold. Privateer owners, investors and crews share the profits. Captured crews were generally treated as prisoners of war. Primary and secondary sources support Dolin’s detailed description of the vicissitudes of this controversial, widespread, extremely risky but lucrative practice. The race filled the gaps in American military efforts, inspiring hope and perseverance; stimulated local economies; secured vital military and trade supplies and hard currency; hindered British trade and strained the British Navy; increased, with French cooperation, the enmity between France and Great Britain, dragging France into the war. Nevertheless, it limited the number of recruits for the continental armed forces, provoked brutal British reprisals against coastal colonial towns, and left thousands of captured privateers languishing and dying on hellish British prison ships.

The Favor by Nora Murphy

Leah and McKenna have never met, although their lives follow parallel paths; they are rich and successful women. But as Leah walks past McKenna’s house one night, she immediately realizes that McKenna has the same problem as her: they’re both trapped in marriages with husbands who aren’t what they seem. Eventually, Leah will intervene in McKenna’s life with explosive results. Enjoy this first novel.

Yerba Buena by Nina Lacour. Sara Foster ran away from home at the age of 16 and ended up becoming a popular (if somewhat mysterious) bartender at the Yerba Buena restaurant in Los Angeles. When Emilie Dubois, a student with no direction, accepts a job arranging flowers at the restaurant, the connection between her and Sara sizzles. But can love conquer everything, including the troublesome past? An adult debut novel by the Printz Award-winning YA author.

Laughter Library I

Why are sheep anxious at night? Because so many people rely on them.

Stingy Schobel says

One of the most powerful spices that can be used for purposes other than cooking is cinnamon.

To remove odors from the air in your home, boil a few cinnamon sticks in water and simmer for about 30 minutes.

The active ingredient in cinnamon – cinnamaldehyde, which gives the spice its flavor and fragrance – attaches to odor molecules in the air and naturally neutralizes them.

Instead of masking the smell of last night’s fish or a burnt pan, cinnamon actually helps keep your home smelling pure clean, absolutely nothing.


Outdoor lighting in your garden can create an enchanting paradise at night, but it’s also very confusing to nocturnal creatures, who can be confused by the ambient light.

If you must have lights, opt for solar-powered lanterns that emit a soft glow when the sun goes down and turn off automatically when the internal rechargeable battery is depleted. Or put your outdoor lights on a timer to automatically turn off at a regular time. Keeping your garden as dark as possible will create the perfect environment for many wild animals to have a safe, comfortable and protected place to call home.

There is misleading information that spoiled wine (like an open bottle of wine that has gone bad) can be used as plant food because it is technically made from fermented organic grapes.

But don’t give your plants a drink or two: wine still contains alcohol, and alcohol is a known herbicide that can dry out a plant. On top of that, the wine can get spoiled and start to turn into vinegar, which is also an herbicide.

So skip this hack and instead pour some old wine over your compost pile, where it’ll have a chance to help break down and turn your table scraps and yard waste into beneficial mulch.

Laughter Library II

What did the mountaineer name his son? Cliff.


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