At Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi talks about Chhath Puja, solar energy


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 94th edition of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on Sunday, October 30, 2022. During it, he said that ‘Chhath’, the festival of sun worship, is celebrated today today in many parts of the country. The Prime Minister said thousands of devotees have reached their villages, homes and families to participate in the Chhath festival. He prayed that Chhathi Maiya would bless everyone’s prosperity and well-being. It should be noted that Sunday is the day of Sandhya Arghya of Chhath.

Prime Minister Modi said the tradition of sun worship is proof of the depth of our nature-related culture and faith. He said that through this puja the importance of sunlight in our lives was explained, and at the same time the message was also given that ups and downs are an integral part of life. He also said that Chhath festival is also an example of ‘Ek Bharat-Shreshtha Bharat’. Prime Minister Modi pointed out how Chhath is organized with pomp in any corner of the country where the people of Bihar and Purvanchal are today.

The Prime Minister said that Chhath has started to be organized on a large scale in different districts of Maharashtra including Delhi, Mumbai and many parts of Gujarat. Prime Minister Modi said that earlier Chhath puja was not done in Gujarat but with time Chhath Puja is seen in almost all of Gujarat today. He said he was also very happy to see this. The Prime Minister shared how nowadays we see how many great images of Chhath Puja also come from abroad.

Prime Minister Modi said: “It is the blessing of the Sun Lord – solar energy. Solar energy is a topic of today, in which the whole world is pondering its future and for India, the Sun Lord has been at the center not only of worship but also of the way of life for centuries. Today, India is linking its traditional experiences with modern science, which is why we have today become one of the largest countries generating electricity from solar energy. How solar power is changing the lives of our country’s poor and middle class is also a case study.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ that a few days ago there was a lot of talk about the country’s first solar village – Modhera in Gujarat. He added that most houses in Modhera have started to generate electricity from solar energy and many houses no longer receive electricity bills at the end of the month but receive the check to earn electricity. He said that our country is doing wonders in the solar sector as well as in the space sector and the whole world is amazed to see India’s achievements today.

Prime Minister Modi said: “India has put 36 satellites in space at once. This success, which came just a day before Diwali, is somewhat of a special Diwali gift from our youth in the country. It also reminds me of when India was denied cryogenic rocket technology. But Indian scientists not only developed indigenous technology, but today, with its help, dozens of satellites are sent into space at once.


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