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The OpenAI research group was launched in 2015 with $1 billion from Elon Musk and other Silicon Valley titans and a broad mission to create an AI toolset that “benefits all of humanity. “. Microsoft donated an additional $1 billion in 2019 to help OpenAI develop “artificial general intelligence with widely distributed economic benefits.”

So what do you get for $2 billion and seven years of research for the good of all humanity? On the one hand, an excellent image of an astronaut on horseback.

DALL-E 2 interpretation of “A photo of an astronaut on horseback”.

This horse, this astronaut and these stars do not exist in the real world. All are the brainchild of a computer model created in April by OpenAI named DALL-E 2 (a portmanteau of surrealist artist Salvador Dalí and Pixar robot WALL-E). The model learned to associate words and images from a database of hundreds of millions of images and labels describing their content. If you type a simple phrase, such as “a photo of an astronaut on horseback”, DALL-E 2 will generate an image based on its understanding of what “astronaut”, “riding”, and “horse” mean. He will even fill in details based on his ability to associate related concepts; astronauts, for example, tend to appear against a background of stars.

OpenAI has developed similar projects in the past and made them public. Anyone can use OpenAI’s latest language model, GPT-3, to generate stories, articles, and poetry based on simple descriptions. With a bit of coding expertise, you can use Jukebox to make up songs complete with lyrics in any style. DALL-E 2 is still in beta testing, but you can sign up for a place on the waiting list to use it; OpenAI sends invitations to around 1,000 people per week.

OpenAI hopes audiences will use tools like DALL-E 2 in whimsical and creative ways, like imagining a fun night out for a pair of celebrating lawyers.

But it’s easy to imagine powerful image-generating tools being misused to create deepfakes, political misinformation, revenge porn, and more. The developers of DALL-E 2 attempted to avoid this possibility by creating policies prohibiting users from generating images containing hate, harassment, violence, sex or nudity and blocking certain keywords like “shot”.

For now, the sample DALL-E 2 images circulating on social media are all perfectly safe to work with. Here are some of our favorite examples, taken from an OpenAI Twitter feedthe DALL-E 2 Instagram page, the Twitter account @Dalle2Picsand DALL-E 2 users on social networks.

DALL-E 2 allows animals to live their best life

DALL-E 2 serves surreal dishes

DALL-E 2 recreates ancient works of art

DALL-E 2 cursed images

But beware: not all DALL-E 2 artwork is an inspiring and beautiful leap forward in AI. Some are extremely cursedand they remind us that humanity cannot always be trusted to wield such awesome power.


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