Best solar companies of November 2022 – Forbes


Available in your state

The first and foremost consideration in determining which solar panel installation company is right for you is whether or not a company’s service or product is available in your state. While some companies are available in all or most of the 50 US states, others are regional and may not be available wherever you live.

Leased equipment vs. owned equipment

Some solar panel installation companies will sell you the solar equipment so you can own it entirely and immediately start keeping all the money you save on utility bills for yourself. Other companies make starting your journey to using green and renewable energy affordable by renting the solar installation from homeowners. This helps you save money upfront and use your utility savings to help pay for equipment.

Financing and offers

Solar installation companies can also help make solar panel installation more affordable through financing. Most of the companies on our top 10 list offer financing to help homeowners pay for a solar installation and many offer up to 12 months free with a $0 down payment.

Other solar companies offer referral deals to help you and your friends save money by referring each other for solar consultations and more. Finally, some solar companies bundle solar panel equipment with other household energy equipment, such as batteries, to save you money by using additional technology and more efficient renewable energy alternatives.

Type of solar equipment used

A final way to determine if a solar panel installation company is right for you is to see what type of solar equipment they use. Many companies offer a variety of equipment from many manufacturers. Some companies will mix and match panels, inverters, and other equipment from different manufacturers to save you money or because the company technicians know the best combinations of equipment from different manufacturers.

Companies also offer solar panels in different styles and designs, some of which are more low-profile or designed for more extreme weather conditions. Some companies, like Tesla, also offer solar tiles.


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