Boviet Solar’s state-of-the-art solar panels are ranked among the best performers in the PVEL 2022 scoreboard for the 4th consecutive year


Reliability testing applied to Boviet Solar’s The Vega Series™ double-glazed photovoltaic modules (product code BVM7612M-530-H-HC-BF-DG) for accelerated stress testing and characterization as part of the product qualification program (PQP) of PVEL LLC (PVEL).

“Our ranking as a PVEL Top Performer for the fourth consecutive year firmly establishes Boviet Solar as the leading PV module supplier for large-scale, commercial and residential solar projects. PVEL is the benchmark for module testing PV, and now we can confidently say that Boviet’s photovoltaic solar modules have been recognized as state-of-the-art products,” said Sienna Cen, President of Boviet Solar. UNITED STATES.

Boviet Solar’s monofacial and bifacial PV modules are designed with better technology in mind, manufactured from robust product components, under strict quality control steps and high-tech manufacturing processes. PERC, half-cut, multi-busbar, and large-cell designs enable the company’s PV modules to pack more power per module, capture more photons, produce more power, and deliver performance reliable and dependable system under different installation requirements, harsh weather conditions or environmental conditions. Whether you are an EPC, installers, contractor or project developer, Boviet Solar has the right and the best PV module for your residential, commercial, industrial and utility projects.

“We commend Boviet Solar for listing the modules in all Scorecard Top Performer categories,” said PVEL’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Tristan Erion-Lorico. “PVEL congratulates Boviet on the excellent results they have demonstrated throughout our rigorous testing.”

About Boviet Solar

Founded in 2013 in Vietnam, Boviet Solar is part of Boway Alloy and is a global Tier 1 solar technology company specializing in the manufacture of monocrystalline PERC cells, monofacial and bifacial PV modules, as well as the development of solar projects. The company works with IPPs, EPCs, project developers, solar installers and contractors to provide the highest performing PV modules for large-scale, commercial, industrial and residential solar projects. With a proven track record of success working with many industry leading players, Boviet Solar has maintained its position as a manufacturer and supplier of BloombergNEF Tier 1 solar modules since 2017. The company offers financial stability, know-how technology, manufacturing excellence and supply chain transparency. Its PV modules are known for their power, performance and quality and have been ranked among the top performers on the PVEL/DNV-GL Module Reliability Scorecard since 2019. UNITED STATES the head office is in San José, California and its global headquarters are located at Vietnam. For more information, please visit

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