Central Government’s Push for Solar Enables More to Make the Switch | Bombay News

MUMBAI: The number of TOP electricity consumers in island cities switching to rooftop solar PV installations is steadily increasing. The latest statistics released by the company on Friday show that so far, 349 consumers have opted for such roof panels under the recently announced core program.

The maximum of these consumers is in district A (89 connections), followed by districts D and F/North with 51 connections each. While 79 residential consumers had rooftop panels with a generating capacity below 20 kWp (peak kilowatts), 88 consumers/housing companies opted for panels above 20 kWp, and this number is likely to increase. increase, officials said.
As for commercial users, such as shops/offices, 97 consumers opted for solar panels while 77 institutions/utility bodies installed it on rooftops. Those with solar rooftops can save on their monthly electricity bills with Net Metering, officials said. BEST had recently announced a 40% subsidy for solar installations on the roofs of buildings. The company is providing a total solar power capacity of 580 kWp in the island city with financial assistance from the Centre.
Other electric utility companies, such as Adani Electricity and Tata Power in Mumbai, had also announced similar solar rooftop projects with support from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in Delhi.
Residential consumers in the island city had opted for a solar panel of at least 1 kWp, which generates 1,400 to 1,500 units per year. This amounts to an average of 125 units per month. A net metering system ensures that all solar energy produced is sent to the grid and is adjusted according to consumers’ monthly electricity bills.
For example, if you produce 125 units with solar energy in a month and you consume 300 units per month in your residence, you will only have to pay 175 units after deducting the units generated by a solar roof. Savings could range from Rs 800 to Rs 2,400 per month, depending on 1 to 3 kWp of solar panels installed, officials said.


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