Contra Costa Fire opens new state-of-the-art fire station in East Bay


BAY POINT – Nearly two decades in the works, Bay Point’s new 86 Fire Station is now open for business just five minutes from the old train station and just north of Highway 4 for easy access to the region.

The station, which started in April 2021 and opened last week at 10 Goble Drive, replaces the nearly 75-year-old station a mile west on Willow Pass Road in Bay Point.

“What an amazing fire station this is,” Contra Costa Fire Protection District Chief Lewis T. Broschard said during Friday’s opening ceremony. “It’s amazing architecture and an incredible installation. It will serve us for a very long time. »

At 10,800 square feet, the new single-story structure has 5,100 square feet for living areas and 5,700 square feet for apparatus bays, more than double the size of the old station.

“Today we truly mark a new beginning for Bay Point and the Pittsburg community areas as we move from a nearly 75-year-old station into a state-of-the-art facility that will serve our residents, our firefighters for literally generations to come. ,” Broschard said. “I think we could fit two of the existing 86 fire stations into the new facility, that’s how small 86 station was.”

The Contra Costa Fire Protection District opened a new Bay Point 86 Fire Station at 10 Goble Drive on Friday, August 12, 2022. The station replaces the 70-year-old building on Willow Pass Road, which served four districts of fire over the years.

Broschard called the new station a “significant upgrade,” while admitting it took “a very long time to get here” from concept to design to securing $13 million in station funding. . He thanked the fire board, Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, fire departments and others for sticking with it and making it happen.

“The drawings sat on the walls (of the old station) for years, and there was a big question mark if they would ever happen, and the answer now is ‘yes,'” he said. -he declares. “It took us a while, but it happened.”

With cancer prevention and firefighter health in mind, the new station includes decontamination showers, modern diesel exhaust particulate extraction systems, a kitchen, seven firefighter dormitories, three toilets, offices , training and exercise facilities, a sauna, a dining hall and seven dormitory firefighters, according to the district.

“They’re going to spend a third of their lives in this house,” Chief Broscard said of the firefighters. “These facilities should be designed to include all the necessary components of a working fire station, but all the necessary items you would typically find in a home. And after all, this is their home.

The station also has three emergency bays, a standby generator, an on-site fuel tank and a solar-powered rooftop and is expected to serve the community for the next 50 years. The district’s longest fire ladder can fit in the bay, and the district’s fire-fighting bulldozer that removes flammable trees, grass and bushes will be stored there, the chief said.

Broschard called the station “the most versatile” in the district’s inventory of 30 stations because it will provide resources not just to the Bay Point/Pittsburg area, but to the entire region. He noted that the location of Station 86 provides easy access on Highway 4 to other areas served by the district.

“Station 86 gives us enormous operational flexibility for the district,” he said. “The location on Goble Court is ideal as it helps us provide immediate response, not only to Bay Point and Pittsburgh, but also to Highway 4 and serving Central County, East County and West County with a much faster response.”

The station has accommodations for two full crew, but does not currently have any. But, on red flag days and other critical fire weather days, the district will house an additional three-person engine company, as well as the bulldozer operator, at Station 86.

Federal Glover, supervisor of District 5 in Contra Costa County, whose district includes the area where Station 86 is located, was among those who spoke at the event, thanking everyone for their involvement in the opening of the new station, including Chief Broshcard and Deputy Fire Chief Aaron McAlister, among others.

“Bay Point is a place – and the surrounding community – that has seen great growth, and this is going to be a really important resort in terms of our ability to not only provide the services needed here, but it expands to more (than firefighting),” he said, pointing to all the new fire, medical, and Hazmat gear that firefighters will be using.

“Our need for this station is long overdue,” Glover said.

With the annexation of the former East Contra Costa Fire Protection District in July 2022, ConFire now provides fire and emergency medical services to more than 750,000 residents in 22 cities and unincorporated areas in company in its expanded jurisdiction of 553 square miles.

The district also opened Fire Station 95 in Oakley in June and plans to reopen recession-shuttered Fire Station 4 in Walnut Creek later this month, while another station is planned in Brentwood.

Broscard said the new Bay Point station and others, along with many new aircraft and facility improvement projects, “help us realize our vision to continually improve the services we provide to the communities we serve. “.


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