Coronel Oviedo – Nacionales – State-of-the-art technology installed at ABC Color’s SNPP


are for advanced technologies Wind and solar power generation, industrial electrical connections with digital monitoring and verification of small faults in industrial components. They will also be used to custom program the operation of cybersecurity tools and equipment, primarily aimed at deterring potential attacks on the Internet.

gunter lohmüller, a technician responsible for setting up internet equipment and training instructors and students, said the lab is for advanced technologies in the fields of electricity, pneumatics, hydraulics, PLC applications, cybersecurity, preventive maintenance and wind and solar power generation. He indicated that they were recently established in the United States of America and would help provide advanced industrial services to students.

student in industrial electricity, Danielle Lopez, has fully completed the training course for the new equipment and is very satisfied with the installation of state-of-the-art technologies that fall into the category of Industry 4.0. He said that with the knowledge gained, students would be at the forefront, which would help them create a wider job market.

For his part, the director of the Regional SNPP Caaguaz, LIC. carina benitezconfirmed that the teams represent a very important support that will help launch high-level professionals in the national market.

They said that Higher Technical Institute (ITS), annually launches about 80 high-level professionals with university degrees in the fields of electricity, electronics, general mechanics and computer application programming. Likewise, he assured that modular courses for middle managers are organized every year with more than 1,000 professionals who are directly injected into the labor market.

The regional SNPP of Caaguazú is waiting for the call for senior technician 2022 for the first semester but there is no official statement from headquarters yet. There are more than 100 interested parties waiting for an official call to fight for a place in the institution and use the institution’s new cutting-edge technologies.


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