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Coyne Appointment

Former Councilman Kevin Coyne was named to the Naperville Public Library Board in an 8-1 vote at Tuesday’s city council meeting. Coyne has come under fire for being involved in sanctioned activities by a controversial group known as Awake Illinois. During public comment, a number of residents shared their concerns about the impact Coyne’s influence would have on library policies going forward. Coyne also spoke at Tuesday’s meeting and confirmed that he had attended an Awake Illinois event in the past regarding face mask policies, but denied any allegations that he was trying to change any of the existing protocols at the library. Mayor Steve Chirico recommended Coyne to the library board, citing his past role as a city councilman and his involvement in other civic activities. Chirico previously withdrew the name of another potentially named person – Shannon Adcock – from the SECA Commission. Adcock is credited with starting Awake Illinois. Councilman Theresa Sullivan, who voted against Coyne’s nomination at Tuesday’s meeting, said she would have preferred the decision to be delayed.

Public Art Working Group

Also at the meeting, council briefed a public art task force, giving a directive that a draft ordinance be created to allow them to oversee public art installations across the city, and endorsing a 17-page application manual for those wishing to create art. The working group will have a role in reviewing applications and making recommendations on the placement of screens. The City will assume responsibility, including maintenance, for the art exhibits once they are installed. Plans are also underway to create intergovernmental agreements with school and park districts, should public artwork be installed on properties owned by these entities. Nearly half a dozen residents spoke in favor of stepping up public art efforts during public comment, with many expressing a desire to see more diversity represented in the artwork.

Students push clean energy

Six students from Naperville School District 203 came forward at Monday night’s school board meeting to urge the district to consider implementing more green initiatives. During public comments, five lobbied for electric school buses, noting their benefits to the environment, public health, and lower transportation costs over time. One pointed out that Indian Prairie School District 204 plans to pilot five electric school buses soon. The last student to speak brought up the idea of ​​putting solar panels on the roof of Naperville Central High School. A Naperville Central student appeared at the city council meeting last night to ask the group to consider allowing school districts to use power purchase agreements (PPAs) as a potential funding source for the facility of panels. Mayor Chirico said he doesn’t think a PPA is necessarily appropriate, but noted there are a number of grants and awards that might be better options.

tulip competition

This Friday, the public can pick up a little piece of Naperville to take home. The tulip bulbs that decorated downtown Naperville, the Riverwalk and various locations in the Park District have lost their bloom, but are available for new life in local yards. They can be picked up at 55 S. Main Street between Van Buren and Benton avenues from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. or while supplies last. There is a limit of 10 bulbs per person, and those who come must bring their own bag. The giveaway is a collaboration between the Naperville Park District, Downtown Naperville Alliance and the City of Naperville. Although the bulbs are free, donations to the Naperville Jaycees who will be on hand to lend a hand are welcome.

NCTV17 celebrates its 35th anniversary

And a bit of our own news – last night NCTV17 celebrated its 35and Birthday with ribbon cutting at the station. Staff members and local leaders came together for the event, to show off the station’s recent refurbishment and to commemorate NCTV17’s commitment over the years to informing, connecting and engaging the community.


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