Dozens of Solar Companies Strengthen Their Corporate Diversity Practices Through SEIA’s Certification Program


WASHINGTON DC — Since the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) launched the first Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) Certification Program34 leading solar companies have signed up for the program and 13 have achieved Bronze or Silver level certification.

Companies that have earned certification use the program to strengthen internal DEIJ practices, create new programs, and develop policies that foster stronger, more inclusive workplaces. Activities range from adjusting recruitment and hiring procedures to establishing and evaluating supplier diversity programs. The DEIJ Certification Program empowers companies of all sizes to take ownership of their diversity work and helps them implement evidence-based solutions.

“Companies large and small now have a tool that will help them benchmark their DEIJ work and then take effective next steps,” said Erika Symmonds, vice president of equity and workforce development at SEIA. “The solar and storage industry will add hundreds of thousands of workers over the next decade, and the dozens of companies using this program are making efforts to help our industry promote a new era of equitable energy growth. clean energy.”

Project developer Encore Renewable Energy achieved Bronze certification in February and the company used its participation to revise its parental leave policy. After considering ways to ensure it was more inclusive and fair, Encore expanded an already strong policy to offer 12 weeks of paid parental leave to both parents.

“As a values-driven company, our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice is an ongoing effort, and with our newly expanded leave policy, we are proud to increase our support for team members during this extremely important time for their families.”, said Chad Farrell, founder and CEO of Encore Renewable Energy. “Going forward, we will continue to evaluate and improve different policies within our company and we will appreciate SEIA’s valuable leadership to help guide this process in a meaningful way.”

Companies enrolled in the program span all market segments and industry sectors and include project developers, manufacturers, financiers, engineering companies and non-profit organizations. Businesses vary in size, from small businesses with 10-50 employees to companies with hundreds of employees. As enrollment grows, SEIA is able to track, aggregate, and share annual progress on many DEIJ-specific metrics.

“Longroad Energy appreciates having a robust third-party validation program that offers us feedback and guidance on our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and confirms the value of our work,” said Meghan Hornberger, Director of DEI at Longroad Energy. “The certification program also serves to demonstrate our strong DEI commitment to our employees, our business partners and the communities in which we work. SEIA’s award-winning program is a great resource for the industry and Longroad Energy is delighted to achieve Silver certification in the first year of our DEI initiative.

Longroad Energy had DEIJ initiatives in place prior to using the certification program, helping the company achieve Silver certification. Through its engagement with the tool, Longroad is going the extra mile by forming Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs will help cultivate a more inclusive work culture by creating spaces for employees to support each other and have candid conversations about the challenges they face.

SEIA will use this information to discover the areas in which companies excel and the obstacles that prevent companies from progressing.

“The solar power and storage industry must and will continue to move forward and step up our diversity and inclusion efforts, and I’m thrilled to see more companies taking ownership of this important work.” , Symmonds added. “These company-level actions on equity are critical as we strive to make the solar and storage industry a more welcoming place that uplifts people of all backgrounds. All solar and storage companies have a role to play, and I challenge them to join us as we build a more equitable clean energy economy.

Companies that have achieved Silver certification include:

  • peak power
  • Long Road Energy

Companies that have achieved Bronze certification include:

  • Catalyze
  • Encore Renewable Energy
  • Epcon Partners
  • Midwest Renewable Energy Association
  • Solar Nautilus
  • RES Group
  • CMS power
  • Solas Energy Consulting
  • Solar Standard
  • Sunge Financial

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