Efficient use of solar energy helps railways save electricity costs


Harnessing solar power has helped the railways save millions of rupees in electricity charges and solar panels will be installed at 26 stations in the South West during the current financial year.

This is in addition to 120 stations that have been fitted with solar panels to generate electricity and minimize the use of conventional forms of energy.

Authorities said that SWR has so far installed 4656.60 KWp of solar panels in service buildings and main stations and solar power generation in the previous fiscal year at SWR was 46.11 lakh units which saved ₹1.96 crore.

From the 100 KWp solar installation at the office of the Director of Mysuru Division Railways, 1.28 lakh units of energy were generated in 2021-22 resulting in a saving of 5 ₹.11 Lakh.

Similarly, Ashokapuram Railway Workshop has an installed capacity of 500 KWp which has generated 5.36 lakh units of solar power contributing to ₹18.40 lakh in savings, according to railway authorities.

The 110 KWp solar panel installed at Mysuru railway station generated 1.42 lakh units, the SSS Hubballi station generated 3.38 lakh units and the 80 KWp solar panels at Yesvantpur railway station generated 0.95 lakh units and the cumulative savings in electricity charges by the three stations was ₹21.42 lakh, authorities said.

A statement said 70% of SSS Hubballi station’s electricity needs in the year 2021-22 were met through solar power and SWR was one of the areas that made leaps and bounds in matter of energy saving.

Authorities said that apart from installing solar panels in stations and service buildings, even LC gates are being operated using solar power throughout the area. “This will not only help to meet the electricity needs of all stations, but also reduce railway expenses,” the authorities added.

During the year 2021-2022, 250 KWp solar panels installed at Rail Soudha in Huballi generated 2.75 lakh units of energy saving ₹15.51 lakh units, while 320 KWp solar panels installed at Hubballi Railway Divisional Manager’s Office generated 84,294 units of electricity in the last financial year resulting in a saving of ₹2.80 Lakh. The 80 KWp solar panels at Bengaluru Railways Divisional Manager’s Office generated 94,115 units of energy in the last fiscal year saving ₹4.25 Lakh.

Mr. Sanjeev Kishore, Managing Director of SWR, said the railway is harnessing this clean energy and this will accelerate the railways mission to become a “net carbon emitting railway” by 2030.


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