Eversource Discount for Solar Power Partner Program


EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Eversource customers in Easthampton can get a discount by using solar power generated at River Valley Co-op.

The Co-op Solar program allows low-income community members to receive a rebate generated by Co-op Power that is subtracted from consumers’ monthly Eversource bills. River Valley Co-op has partnered with Co-op Power to offer 100 interested people to share solar power generated by panels in the parking lot of the River Valley Co-op store in Easthampton.

To register, visit cooppower.coop, email solar@cooppower.coop or call 413-772-8898 ext. 2.

In a press release sent to 22News from the City of Easthampton, the following information includes eligibility requirements and additional information.

To qualify for this program, you must live in Western Massachusetts and qualify in one of these three

  • You qualify for MassHealth, SNAP, LIHEAP or other social programs
  • You live in an environmental justice neighborhood that qualifies for this program.
    Eligible postcodes are 01103, 01105, 01107 and 01109.
  • You have the low-income electricity rate (R2) on your Eversource bill

Qualification for the River Valley Climate Justice Initiative:

You must be an Eversource customer in Western Massachusetts and one or more of the three

1) You qualify for the low-income electricity rate (R2) on your Eversource bill,
OR, 2) you qualify for MassHealth, SNAP, LIHEAP or another similar social program,
OR, 3) you live in an environmental justice district.

Below are the qualifying EJ Easthampton communities.
Easthampton, postcode 01027:

  1. Within the area defined by South Street, Main Street, Northampton Street, West Street and
    Glendale Street.
  2. Inside the area west of Brickyard Creek, south and east of Lower Mill Pond, north of
    Cottage Street, then Maple Street, then Charles St, then Clark Street.
  3. Inside the area east of Nashawanuck Pond and Broad Creek, south of Gugh Street, then Cherry
    St, west of East St, then Hendrick Street.
  4. Inside the area east of Main Street, west of Union Street, then Willston Avenue, north of Greenwood
    Court, then Ward Avenue.

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