Forgotten Square Enix Games With Awesome Coverage


Since its creation in 1986, Square-Enix constantly releases groundbreaking JRPGs. Although he is best known for his creation of the Final Fantasy, Kingdom Heartsand dragon quest franchises, the company has developed a slew of unique video games that have sadly been overlooked by most fans.

Square Enix has always attempted to convey a story through a title’s cover art. For many titles, the associated cover art contains multiple clues regarding the game’s plot and its characters. Sometimes the cover art will attempt to convey a sense of spectacle to emphasize the nature of the game, or it may take a minimalistic approach to promote a sense of wonder.


ten The bouncer

The bouncer is an action game that tells the story of three bouncers on a mission to free their friend from the clutches of the Mikado group, a company specializing in solar technologies. It allows the player to incorporate their own choices into the game’s narrative by giving them the ability to choose different characters to play in different events. Since its release, it has gained a small cult following.

The cover depicts Sion Barzahd with his left fist clenched in his right hand. His stern demeanor and intimidating nature suggest he’s an unstoppable force with a mission to accomplish. The nature of the game is clearly evidenced through the game’s cover art.

9 Ruler of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7

Ruler of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7 is a game derived from Final Fantasy 7 which follows the story of Vincent Valentine as he attempts to stop the organization known as the Deep Ground from achieving its goals. His main goal is to prevent Deep Ground from gaining the ability to control Omega, a creature capable of mass destruction.

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Contrary to Final Fantasy 7the cover a little more charming, Cerberus Doom Song gives hints of a more sinister tale. Since Vincent Valentine is a vampire, it makes sense that he’s portrayed so menacingly on the cover. He stares at the viewer as he is surrounded by darkness and fire, suggesting that his methods will be ruthless.

8 Drakengard

Although many know Yoko Taro Deny series, some are unaware of its origins. the Drakengard series is set over a thousand years before the events of Deny, presenting an amalgam of events that lead to the destruction of humanity.

This title sees the character Caim allied with the Red Dragon, both represented on the cover surrounded by flames. Caim loses his voice while forming this pact, rendering him mute for much of the plot. The cover highlights it with its minimalist approach. Two expressionless beings standing in the middle of the fire is all that needs to be depicted to highlight the game’s themes of sadness and revenge.

7 Dragon Quest 2

The plot of Dragon Quest 2 sees the Prince of Midenhall tasked with putting an end to Hargon, an evil wizard responsible for the destruction of Moonbrooke Castle. It’s a fantasy game that tells the classic story of a group of tightly-knit companions trying to thwart the forces of evil.

The cover art manages to capture the fantasy theme in this game, although it doesn’t mention the grind needed to complete. The abundance of fantastical imagery depicted, though it may seem shocking to some, is arguably one of Square Enix’s best attempts to convey an entire story through a single image.

6 Final Fantasy X-2

The sequel to one of Square Enix’s most beloved games Final Fantasy installments, Final Fantasy X-2, was met with mixed reviews. Although the game’s approach differs greatly from its origins, the cover art managed to capture the experimental narrative presented in the game.

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The story focuses on Yuna as she tries to locate spheres across Spira. The cover features protagonists Yuna, Rikku, and Paine, all posing for the viewer in separate but connected images. This stylistic choice highlights the game’s emphasis on teamwork and individuality which, as far as the game’s combat system is concerned, is fitting as each character has a unique ability that contributes to the overall gameplay.

5 The secret of mana

Mana Secret follows the story of a young boy who has been banished from his home in Potos. As he ventures into exciting new lands in hopes of saving the Mana Tree, he meets a young girl and a Sprite who decide to accompany him on his journey.

Although the cover looks pretty simple in design, it explains exactly what the story entails. The three companions are seen standing in a forest, seemingly absorbing the surrounding environment. The trees depicted tower over them, emphasizing how small they are compared to the vast world, subtly alluding to the game’s themes of adventure and discovery.

4 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

The second part of Kingdom Hearts The series sees Sora losing his memories while traveling through Castle Oblivion. It is the first game in the series to redesign the combat system through the incorporation of cards in favor of its iconic hack and slash combat.

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The cover of this game depicts a floating Sora, surrounded by playing cards. Each card displays an image of someone close to Sora, emphasizing the power these cards contain. The cover art highlights the new battle system and, while taking a minimalist approach, further reinforces the need for Sora’s power of friendship.

3 Mission before 4

With remakes of the first two mission before announced games, it seems that Mission before 4 was forgotten. The story follows the characters of Elsa Eliane and Darril Traubel as they investigate a series of attacks on several military bases in Germany. Although their stories are mostly set in different countries, the game switches between the characters throughout the game’s plot.

The similarities between the two stories being told are evident in the game’s cover art. We see Elsa and Traubel asleep with the game’s title separating them. This serves to highlight the physical distance between the pair while highlighting their similarities in their sleeping states.

2 Project Sylpheed: Arc of Deception

Sylpheed Project focuses on humanity’s journey through space and the colonization of distant worlds. Although the game’s plot revolves around political disagreements and military intervention, at its heart is a passionate love story between protagonist Katana Faraway and Ellen Bernstein.

The cover displays everything one would expect from a game set in space. Katana and her crew are pictured side-by-side above a spacecraft while the background is engulfed by planets, space debris and enemy fighter ships. Although the details of its history are lacking, the sheer spectacle of its presentation is sure to appeal to those who wish to discover more.

1 MindJack

MindJack’s story follows the character of Jim Corbijn, a human rights activist. When sent to investigate reports of a shooting, he is attacked by a group of government agents. The game received negative reviews due to its poor mechanics and graphics, leaving the cover art to be its least criticized element.

The cover serves to highlight Corbijn and his ability to hack his enemies. This is evident through the presentation of him wearing a mechanical helmet, a device that allows him to do so. The superimposed image depicts a visceral gunfight, suggesting that these events occur due to Corbjin’s mind-hacking abilities.

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