George Lucas’ ambitious narrative art museum set to open in 2025


The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has undergone nearly as many twists and turns as a Hollywood script since its unveiling in 2014. However, after missing its scheduled completion date of 2021, the ambitious futuristic-looking building is finally on the right track. lane for a 2025 opening.

To briefly recap, the Lucas Museum is an exciting project by famed filmmaker George Lucas and his wife Mellody Hobson. Designed by MAD Architects, it was originally envisioned as a bulbous volcano-like building slated for Chicago, then went through multiple redesigns and legal wrangling over its location before finally settling on its current form in the fairgrounds. from Los Angeles.

While you could be forgiven for thinking it’s meant to look like some sort of spaceship from one of Lucas’ films, the museum’s overall design is, like many MAD projects, inspired by nature – in this case. , the surrounding landscape of the site.

It will be raised above the ground creating a shaded space for visitors and will also be topped with lush vegetation, while the exterior walls will be finished in glazing and over 1,500 curved panels of fiberglass reinforced polymer. Its expansive interior will span 300,000 square feet (nearly 30,000 square meters), spread over five floors, and will house expansive galleries, two theaters and spaces dedicated to learning and engagement, to catering, retail and events.

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will have a footprint of 300,000 square feet (nearly 30,000 square meters), spread over five floors

Lucas Narrative Art Museum

The museum is located on an 11-acre (4.45-hectare) landscaped campus and the first of more than 200 planned trees is currently being planted. Other notable features include an amphitheater, a hanging garden, and a pedestrian bridge.

It will also feature a sustainable design, such as rainwater harvesting for all necessary irrigation and a large array of solar panels to reduce its consumption on the grid.

Naturally, the interior will also contain a treasure trove of artifacts. The collection is reportedly valued at US$400 million and will feature art from ancient to modern, with everything from ancient pottery to modern comics, film stills, architectural renderings from big names like Zaha Hadid and , of course, Star Wars ephemera.

Construction of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art progresses toward 2025 completion
Construction of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art progresses toward 2025 completion

Roberto Gomez, courtesy of USC School of Cinematic Arts

“It is humbling and energizing to watch all aspects of this new public resource take shape,” said Sandra Jackson-Dumont, CEO and Director of the museum. “We believe that narrative art can connect us and help shape a more just society. Accordingly, every element of this institution contributes to this idea – the site is a physical manifestation of this. The campus with its iconic building and its underbelly vaulted roof that creates a canopy, coupled with the over 200 trees that take root in the park, together create another community gathering place with much needed shade for our neighbors and others who will use the site.

“Another manifestation of this idea is the museum’s wonderfully evolving collection of narrative art that presents multi-faceted perspectives through the stories that humans have told throughout history. Through these works, we hope to spark a conversation complex and nuanced that can impact how people understand the world, but perhaps even what they choose to do in the world. We are thrilled to share this significant progress, and I look forward to holding the informed public as we move forward.

Source: Lucas Narrative Art Museum


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