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How U.S. Solar Companies Can Manage Supply Chain Risks After WRO Customs on Hoshine – pv magazine International solar industry and look at the critical points from the WRO to understand how solar goals and plans could be affected.”/>

In late June, U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued a Withholding Order (WRO) on products containing materials from China’s largest manufacturer of metallurgical-grade silicon (mg-Si). We will discuss the ramifications of this decision on the US solar industry and examine the critical points of the WRO to understand how solar goals and plans could be affected.

How U.S. Solar Companies Can Manage Supply Chain Risks After Customs WRO on Hoshine

At the end of June, US Customs and Border Protection placed a release order (WRO) on products containing material from the largest Chinese manufacturer of metallurgical grade silicon (mg-Si) and the main supplier to all major polysilicon producers based in the region: Hoshine Silicon Industry Co. The WRO means that any importer who cannot prove to customs that their solar panels do not contain Hoshine’s mg-Si can have their shipment excluded from entry into the United States by Due to the tangled and mixed nature of solar power supply chains, almost no supplier today is equipped to prove this level of provenance.

In this Pv magazine webinar, Paul Wormser, Vice President, Technology, and Paul van Brenkelen, Director, ESG and Traceability at Clean Energy Associates (CEA’s), and Customs and International Trade Lawyer Elise Shibles will discuss the ramifications of this decision on the American solar industry. They will examine the critical points of the WRO to understand how goals and solar plans might be affected.

As for the larger picture, they will also focus on supply chain traceability and how he could help businesses navigate regulatory uncertainty. Concrete steps you can take to get started secure supply chains and mitigate risk will be more fully discussed.

pv magazine Webinar content

  • Background and overview of the global solar supply chain, the importance of mg-Si and polysilicon, and the options available to solar power manufacturers to source these essential raw materials.
  • Background on the history of WROs issued by CBP against China and others, and the potential impact this recent WRO could have on the U.S. solar industry
  • Background, complications and importance of traceability to mitigate regulatory and supply chain risks
  • Practical Steps for Solar Power Buyers to Mitigate and Manage Risk
  • Questions and answers

Questions can be submitted in advance or during the webinar via a chat window. Becky Beetz, Content Manager at pv magazine, will be the moderator of this webinar.

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Paul Wormser, Vice-president, Technology, CEA

Based in San Diego, California, Mr. Wormser has over 40 years of experience in the solar and storage industry including engineering, sales, marketing, product development, strategic planning and senior management. Mr. Wormser has worked as an executive for Clean Energy Associates (CEA) since 2017 and oversees all aspects of customer projects and supply chain management. Prior to joining CEA, Mr. Wormser was Senior Director of Marketing and Solar Materials at SunEdison, one of the world’s largest renewable energy development companies. He joined SunEdison in 2013 as Director of Special Projects within the Solar Platform group. He led the deployment of fixed tilt and tracking systems, as well as the creation of their Silvantis ™ line of modules. Prior to SunEdison, Mr. Wormser held vice president positions at First Solar and the solar division of SHARP Electronics. Mr. Wormser holds an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Northeastern University, a BS in Mechanical Engineering from George Washington University and a BA in Spanish from SUNY Albany.

Paul van Brenkelen, ESG and Traceability Director, CEA

Mr. van Brenkelen is a professional with 27 years of experience in quality assurance, supply chain, sustainability and innovation, having worked for various ICT companies. Since 2010 involved in third party services related to renewable energies (wind / solar). Before joining CEA, Mr. van Brenkelen held various management positions at SGS, Bureau Veritas, TUV NORD and on the scene of startups and incubations related to ESG aspects. Innovation, product development, sustainability, change management and KAM have been the main drivers of various new global companies managed by him. Including the deployment of renewable energy services in the Far East. Sustainability and board involvement are the driving force behind the ESG program for companies with jurisdictional differences. An area in which Mr. van Brenkelen has become more specialized and a valuable extension of his long-term expertise in ICT / QA. Mr van Brenkelen holds a BASC in Agricultural Sciences, a Masters in Agronomy, Postgraduate in Business Management and Corporate Governance, and is currently pursuing a dual MABR / DBA degree. Mr. van Brenkelen resides in Shanghai, China.

Elise Shibles, Customs and International Trade Lawyer at Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg, PA

Ms. Shibles advises and advises clients on the requirements of trade agreements and preferential programs for a variety of different types of goods under both US and non-US trade programs. Additionally, she advises clients on forced labor compliance efforts and resource and production traceability in response to origin verifications. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Shibles worked for over 11 years with United States Customs and Border Protection, formerly the United States Customs Service. As a textile and clothing policy specialist, she was part of the US government negotiating team and actively participated in the negotiations of many free trade agreements, including those with CAFTA-DR, Korea , Panama, Colombia, Peru, Oman and Bahrain. She drafted various provisions and helped draft laws and regulations to implement FTAs ​​and preference programs, trained foreign industry and government representatives on rules of origin, and contributed to efforts compliance such as inspections of foreign factories, classification and assessment reviews and analysis of trade data. Ms. Shibles holds a JD from the University of California at Davis and a BS in Textile and Apparel Production, Merchandising and Design from Iowa State University. She is a member of the California Bar Association.


Becky Beetz | Content manager, pv magazine

Becky has managed the online presence of pv magazine International since its inception in 2010. She is currently responsible for content development across all platforms, including global and regional websites, events, webinars, panel discussions and other special projects. Before moving to Berlin, Becky worked as a B2B journalist and editor for Special Publications in Scotland.

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