Inside Out Organizers Celebrate Success of Earth Art Exhibition


THE ORGANIZERS celebrated the success of a weekend exhibition in West Dorset that was out of this world.

Gaia is a stunning replica of the Earth measuring seven meters in diameter and featuring detailed images of our planet’s surface by NASA.

Created by visual artist Luke Jerram, the show was watched for free by thousands of visitors at the Symondsbury Estate for three days last weekend as part of the Inside Out arts festival. The exhibit was open daily at Park Copse on the estate.

The artwork, which “explores humanity’s place on the planet and the responsibility people have to one another”, was seen by a total of around 3,670 visitors over the three days in Symondsbury.

Photo: Graham Hunt Photography

Marketing and Communications Manager for the event, Lucy Rouse said: “It was amazing, we were really excited with how it turned out.

“Gaia was absolutely beautiful in the woodland setting and we had a lot of other outdoor performances which I think also really impressed people.

“The Gaia was shown with a soundscape that was broadcast through speakers above the exhibit and spoke of the climate emergency.”

In partnership with Earth, an “immersive poetic installation” created by Dave Young, Sophie Fretwell and sound designer Jonathon Leitch with the premise “if Earth could speak, what would it say? Went ahead for the daily performance.

The biennial festival was postponed last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but was able to return to venues in Weymouth, Bridport, Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch this year.

Lucy added: “We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from visitors who have found the experience very enjoyable.

“It was great to see people come out. We really worked against all odds to make sure that could happen – it wasn’t without challenges.

“We are all very grateful to the people of Bridport and everyone who came to visit us for making it such a success.”

On the last day of the exhibition, Sunday, the organizers had to make the difficult decision to close the Gaia exhibition early at 6.30 p.m. instead of 10 p.m. for safety reasons after strong winds picked up in the afternoon. .

Inside Out Dorset, is hosted by Activate, a Dorchester-based outdoor arts producer. At the heart of the program are the themes of sustainability, land use and life cycles – both human and environmental – as well as an ongoing commitment to breaking down barriers and opening up free festival events. to the widest possible audience.


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