MHS Solar Power System Activated | CNMI


SAIPAN – Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Governor Ralph DLG Torres and education officials turned on the solar power system at Marianas High School in Saipan on Wednesday.

In his remarks, the Governor congratulated the CNMI Board of Education, CNMI Education Commissioner Alfred Ada, MHS Director Jonathan Aguon and Micronesia Renewable Energy for the installation of the renewable energy system. in the largest public high school on the island.

He also acknowledged and thanked former Board of Education Chair Janice Tenorio for helping everyone understand the importance of renewable energy and for “pushing hard” to make it happen.

Ada, for her part, said that the solar power system is very important for the future generation, adding that the CNMI public school system will continue to bring sustainable energy to schools so that student learning can continue. , especially now that schools are going digital. Platform.

He said MHS, as the first school to fully implement a solar power system, will serve as a pilot school in data collection.

BOE member Andrew L. Orsini, another renewable energy advocate, said MHS’s solar power system will keep PSS going, “especially when we’re not generating money.” .

Now that electricity rates are rising, switching to renewables is a big help for public schools, he added.

“Our people and our students care deeply about clean energy and we want to show students that we hear them and that we will give them that opportunity to have solar energy when they come to school,” said said Orsini.

“We shouldn’t stop there – we should be looking at electric school buses and biodegradable plates for cafeterias,” he added.

MHS Principal Aguon said he was very excited about the completion of the solar power project.

“I think it will lead to big savings for the school system, especially at MHS,” he said, adding that he now looks forward to seeing how much the school will save in terms of electricity cost so funds can be redirected for the benefit of students.

Jeffrey Voacolo, chief operating officer of Micronesia Renewable Energy Inc., thanked the governor, “whose administration and leadership have been instrumental in moving this project forward.”

He also thanked School Board President Gregory Borja, Commissioner Ada and Associate Commissioner Eric Magofna “whose unwavering dedication to this project was unwavering, and for that I will always be grateful.”

Voacolo also thanked PSS communications and media coordinator Randee Jo Barcinas, adding, “We could never put this all together without his guidance.”

Voacolo also said he was grateful to all PSS staff and managers, “especially the managers and hardworking maintenance staff for working with the Micronesia Renewable team and for being true collaborators in this effort. to accomplish such an incredible project”.


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