Newlight Technologies is launching a children’s art contest to help save the planet


Over the years, many inventions have helped the environment, from solar panels to cow-free leather. All of these ideas started as a dream or a vision, and many of them started as drawings on a sheet of paper. Now, Newlight is looking to help showcase the next big ideas that could help save the planet.

The AIRCARBON Art Awards competition will take place from April 22 – June 1 to 8:00 p.m. PST. Students may work with any art materials they choose, but all submissions must be entered using the entry form on the website. Ideas and designs can be about anything, including ways to help solve plastic pollution and climate change. Entries will be judged on creativity, optimism, determination and empathy.

Further details of the competition rules and regulations can be found at: For more information on Newlight and AIRCARBON, please visit:

About Newlight Technologies:
Newlight Technologies, Inc. (“Newlight”) is a biotechnology company that converts air and greenhouse gases into a biomaterial called AIRCARBON®. Over 10 years of research, Newlight has learned to mimic a process that occurs in the ocean to make AIRCARBON: a material made by life that is plastic-free, high performance, and carbon negative, to replace plastic and help the environment to heal. . Newlight’s mission is to help stop this generation’s plastic pollution and climate change. For more information about Newlight and AIRCARBON, visit

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