Non-profit art opens $30 million eco-friendly headquarters in Miami


Oolite Arts is creating a new $30 million eco-complex that will host exhibitions, workshops, artist residencies, and more.

Source: Oolite Arts/Youtube

Oolite Arts, a Miami-based nonprofit, organizes exhibitions and provides resident artists with free studio space. “We are both a community and a resource, providing artists with the free studio space, exposure opportunities, live support and programming they need to advance their careers,” according to their website. The non-profit organization also offers programs for the local neighborhood and the wider community to help them better understand and create contemporary art.

Now the nonprofit is getting a new home and putting an eco-conscious mindset at the forefront of design. The new headquarters is designed by Barcelona-based architecture firm Barozzi Veiga and will cost 30 million euros. Construction will begin this fall with an expected opening date of 2024.

According to Barozzi Veiga, “the program is organized like a small village around an exuberant garden”. The massive building will incorporate eco-responsible practices such as rainwater harvesting, use of vegetation to cool the complex, skylights, solar chimneys, water reservoirs and wind turbines to capture energy. The building will also be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified.

“Oolite Arts’ climate-aware concept focuses on integrating passive and active strategies that mitigate Miami’s hot summers and take advantage of its mild climate during the winter months,” the company founders said. , Alberto Veiga and Fabrizio Barozzi at The Art Newspaper.

The art journal reported that the architects said the complex’s towers would “produce an artificial microclimate that benefits both the natural and mechanical functioning of the building”, and that the vegetation that will surround the building will protect it from the sun.

The new building will include 21 studios as well as exhibition spaces, a theater and classrooms. The non-profit organization also plans to hold more than 200 public art classes.

It’s amazing that many companies seem to have the environment in mind when creating new building designs lately. Melbourne’s Four Seasons plans to open a skyscraper that will feature the world’s tallest vertical garden to improve air quality in the city. We will always create new buildings, so why not make them eco-friendly? Check out these 10 incredible green buildings in the United States.

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