‘Only Modi knows this art in which people will be able to gain electricity’: Prime Minister of Gujarat


On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it was time to generate revenue from electricity instead of getting it for free, in an apparent move to counter the Aam Aadmi party and Congress over their promise to free electricity in Gujarat. Addressing a campaign rally in Modasa town of Aravalli district in northern Gujarat, Modi said that only he knows the art through which people will be able to earn money through electricity.

The Prime Minister also criticized Congress, saying he believed in the “divide and conquer” formula and focused only on how to be in power.

National AAP organizer and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal tried to woo voters with the promise that, just like the nation’s capital and Punjab, his party would provide free electricity up to 300 units per month if elected to power in the Bharatiya Janata Party. Gujarat. Kejriwal has repeatedly claimed that he is the only politician in the country who has “mastered this magic of providing free electricity”.

The Opposition Congress has also joined the bandwagon and mentioned in its election manifesto that the party will also provide free electricity up to 300 units if elected to power in Gujarat, where polls for the Assembly are scheduled for December 1 and 5.

On Thursday, Modi said he wanted people in Gujarat to earn money from excess electricity generated by rooftop solar systems instead of just getting it for free.

“You must have seen how the whole village of Modhera (in Mehsana district) is now running on solar power on the roof. They use the electricity according to their needs and sell the excess electricity (to the government). I want replicate this system across Gujarat,” he said. “Under this system, you can earn money by selling the excess electricity generated by solar panels. Only Modi knows this art in which people will be able to earn electricity,” the prime minister said.

He told the audience that a woman from Modhera is now planning to buy a fridge and an air conditioner as electricity has become affordable after installing solar power on the roof. “She told me that although her family was able to buy the appliances earlier, they refrained because they could not afford the running costs. Now she can afford it because the electricity is I am working to bring this revolution to the doorstep of each and every home in Gujarat,” the Prime Minister said.

He reminded residents of Aravalli that there was a time when farmers in that district were killed by police gunfire under congressional rule for demanding affordable electricity for agricultural purposes. The prime minister said farmers are generating their own electricity through solar panels installed in unused corners of their farms.

“They can also sell excess electricity and make money. The era of affordable electricity demand is over. Today, you can generate revenue by selling electricity,” he said. he declares.

On occasion, Modi also criticized Congress saying, “Rajasthan is near your border, have you seen any development in that state? Have you seen any good news coming from that state? Congress cannot no development.”


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