OWL showcases the latest state-of-the-art radar solutions at security conferences.


At trade shows, OWL showcased the company’s most technologically advanced security products, including those used as core components of advanced integrated solutions provided by other industry leaders:

3D Digital Radar: OWL’s GA3360, a mid-range 3D radar surveillance system, enables simultaneous detection, classification and response to threats on the ground and in low-altitude airspace. Offering powerful drone detection and integrating into unmanned aircraft system solutions, the GA3360 is also suitable for detecting drones or additional aircraft in the airspace..

Mobile Solar Platform: Offered in conjunction with PureTech Systems, this new mobile surveillance system provides a versatile platform for deploying GroundAware radar products and other surveillance assets at locations where mounting infrastructure, l power and network connectivity are not available.

Short Range Surveillance Sensor: New for 2022 and featured at the show, OWL’s new compact surveillance sensor is an affordable solution for short range perimeter surveillance applications. This new solution offers both radar and camera capabilities in a single, easy-to-deploy package.

Short Range Integrated Counter Drone Solutions: OWL’s advanced 3D radar system serves as a long range surveillance sensor for an integrated short range counter drone system by OWL partner Skylock. The OWL Radar provides short-range drone detection, tracking, and classification and supports the global Skylock system, which includes an RF sensor, EO/IR camera, and optional electronic jamming capabilities.

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