pil: Hc rejects Pil against land allocation to solar companies | Jaipur News

Jaisalmer: The High Court of Rajasthan has dismissed a PIL protesting the allocation of land to solar companies in the Fatehgarh area and imposed a fine of Rs 50,000 on the petitioners.
A Divisional Bench consisting of Judge Vinod Bharvani and Judge Sandeep Mehta issued an order on March 31 and dismissed the PIL and ordered the petitioners to file the penalty amount within 30 days with the Legal Services Authority of the state of Rajasthan. M/s SBE Renewable Dus Project Pvt. Ltd (Adani Group) has been awarded government land for the installation of a 420 MW solar power plant by the government in Rivdi village in Fatehgarh sub-division of Jaisalmer.
Challenging this allotment order, Jal Grahan Vikas Sansthan Rivdi, a Kshetrapal Paliwal and others filed a PIL in 2021 and requested the reversal of this allotment. In the petition, it was said that the land is a catchment area and that it includes ponds and drains. This is dangerous for the environment and should therefore be cancelled.
After the hearing, the division said that the petitioners filed the petition without any reason, which is not only against the energy policy but also against the benefits of renewable energy.
The corporate lawyer argued that the guidelines and new law issued by the central government in 2007 to improve renewable energy and the same was adopted by the government of Rajasthan and on 22 February 2017 issued an amended notification for tripping the power station. based on renewable energy.
Under this, in Fatehgarh region, solar companies are allocated barren and infertile land.

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