Saturday Letters: Erect public art at Walterdale Bridge as planned


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While I completely disagree with city policy that mandates a specific monetary allowance for artwork on city projects, the statues originally designated for the new bridge are a done deal. They have been purchased and paid for and must be installed according to the original plan.

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The awakened generation that feels offended should be acknowledged, thanked for their contribution, and sent home. I believe Ricky Gervais said it best when he told awakened people, “No, it’s not offensive. You are offended. It’s not the same thing.”

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Let’s put the statues up, as planned, and let the few people who like to feel offended have something to complain about.

John Fielder, Edmonton

Privilege fuels anti-car rhetoric from critics

In 2022, virtually all major employers practice some form of inclusive hiring, where policies are in place to ensure that people who do not fit into the traditional white, male, binary, English-speaking archetype are still taken into account, even if they are naturally at a disadvantage. You don’t have to look far to find an individual from the aforementioned privileged group who will argue that inclusive hiring is unfair because it affects them negatively.

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The “Edmonton” equivalent of the above practice involves recent investments in non-vehicular transportation infrastructure such as sidewalks, bike lanes, and transit projects. Every time money is spent on anything other than roads, we have to endure the constant jokes from the privileged, car-dependent group that it is an attack on their ability to drive a car, although most investment is still for automotive infrastructure. .

The solution? Consider the views of others before insisting that you have been wronged.

JL Bures, Edmonton

Fort Chipewyan Oldest community in Alberta

Sadly, Fort Chipewyan’s historic Catholic Church, built in 1909, burned down this week and is being investigated by authorities.

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Fort Chipewyan is officially “Alberta’s Oldest Community” with a population of 800 and was founded by fur trader Peter Pond in 1788 along with others including Alexander MacKenzie. Its population is made up of Cree and Chipewyan (Dene) First Nations and Métis peoples. Most of its history is contained in the famous fur trade book “Emporium of the North” and chronicles all the huge fur trade balls sent to Winnipeg and Montreal and then to Europe. The fur industry ended in the 1950s.

Fort Chipewyan has only a winter road as access to the mainland and a small airport. It also has a university campus, a seniors’ pavilion, hockey facilities, and other sports and medical facilities.

Through the progressive leadership of Chief Allan Adam, a solar panel project was installed on the roof of the Seniors Pavilion as backup power with support from the federal and provincial governments and is very successful. The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo provides government support for the hamlet.

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The oil sands industry in the south also provides both project and other environmental and safety cooperation when needed.

BG MacKay, Edmonton

Sovereignty critics need to come up with better ideas

Recently in the newspaper, I read some opinion pieces from two UCP candidates. Well, here is my review. Both opinions totally oppose the Sovereignty Act stating various reasons why it would cause serious harm to Alberta. The two candidates declaring “we” must stay the course and pressure Ottawa for a fair deal using the “legal” avenues available to us.

Well, my dad once told me “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result”. Your ideas of getting a fair deal have been explored to the death. It’s time for us to try something new.

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I’m tired of trying the same legal avenues you sold us all on. If sovereignty isn’t for you, how about coming up with a different strategy than beating that same horse. The horse is dead. It is time to move on. Don’t come to me with problems, come to me with solutions.

Craig Beieler, Edmonton

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