Selva Ozelli World and Irish Science Week art exhibitions


Space solar recovery roses by Selva Ozelli

Running parallel to my United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) from November 1 to 12 art exhibitions:, during World and Irish Science Week November 7-14, my art exhibitions are as follows:

CIMUSET CONFERENCE from November 7 to 11:

Ireland Science Week Art Show at the Science Foundation Ireland November 7-14:

In my Art in the Time of Corona series, I explored whether climate change caused by carbon emissions could be one of the reasons for such a terrible global COVID-19 pandemic scenario.

In my # 7 art exhibition, stressing that people around the world shouldn’t live in constant fear of COVID-19, I painted a portrait of Dr. Ugur Sahin, CEO of BioNTech, who helped develop one of the main COVID-19 vaccines, (as I had included a portrait of his wife Dr Ozlem Tureci in my art exhibit # 4) alongside pink and purple roses symbolic of the recovery from the pandemic. BioNTech co-founders Dr Ugur Sahin and Özlem Türeci said the virus is here to stay for a few more years, but the new coronavirus has “started to get controllable.” And Biontech is closely monitoring new variants of the virus and new strains that will also develop over time.

World Science Week Art Exhibition, November 7-14:

In my # 8 art exhibit, I focused on space solar power as a result of my article Is Solar Adoption Hindered by Inadequate Global Environmental Tax Policy?

Currently, six of the highest CO2 emitting countries in the world, China, the United States, the EU, India, Russia and Japan, are investing and developing solar power satellite systems (SPS) for produce clean energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. without the interference of day / night atmospheric light. And based on a new study by Frazer-Nash Consultancy, on behalf of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the UK, which has left the EU, possibly joining be this list as a workable solution to reduce the carbon footprint.

SPS is the collection of solar energy in space and its wireless transmission for use on Earth or other bodies. The growth of the global SPS market has been propelled by the implementation of strict government regulations regarding environmental pollution and increased investment in sustainable power generation.

World Science Week 2 Art Exhibition:;


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