Star Wars: The Only Star Destroyer For An Art Lover – The Chimaera Breakdown


Part ship, part art, all mortal. We break down the modified Imperial I-class star destroyer commanded by Thrawn: the Chimaera.

IT department Chimera is one of the finest and most infamous ships of the Imperial Navy. It was a modified version Imperial I-Star Destroyer class led by none other than the promising Imperial officer who would become Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Under Thrawn’s command, the Chimera played a role in some of the most pivotal events in the galaxy. But he started his tour of duty as nothing more than a standard Imperial I.

ChimeraChanges to

Like most Imperial I-class Star Destroyers, the Chimera was manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards. It measured the standard of 1,600 meters by 900 meters. And it carried the standard bank of three KDY Destroyer-I ion engines and four Cygnus Spaceworks Gemon-4 ion engines.

Its solar ionization reactor plant powered the various Taim & Bak XX-9 heavy turbolaser batteries and ion cannons. In many ways it was a standard line model. Except for Thrawn’s edits.

Eight turbolasers surrounded the command towers. And unlike the usual twin-barreled turbolaser turrets, the Chimera (and later all of Thrawn’s Seventh Fleet Star Destroyers) featured eight-gun turrets. Thrawn’s flagship was also equipped with two hangar bays, located at either end of the ventral docking bay. With a large door to cover the rear bay, the ship could be secured but could launch its complement of fighters in all directions.

And since it carried a complement of TIE/d Defender multi-role fighters, it could rock even the fiercest battle.

But perhaps most infamous of all is Thrawn’s personal touch. On the underside of Chimera is a large engraving of the ship’s namesake creature.

Thrawn first encountered the depiction of the Three-Headed Creature as part of the Chiss Expeditionary Fleet. And as he rose through the ranks, his personal emblem also increased.

Advance service

The Chimera was placed under Thrawn’s command shortly after Officer Chiss was promoted to Commodore. The new Commodore and his ship were sent to pacify the early rebel uprisings.

Perhaps the most notable battles of the Chimera at first, his clashes with a rebel group led by “Nightswan”. Thrawn and Nightswan fought for years, but Thrawn managed to hold on. Famously, Thrawn fired on an Imperial space station to hinder fleeing prisoners, while simultaneously destroying their rescue frigate.

These early victories earned Thrawn a reputation for cunning beyond the typical Imperial commander. And with Thrawn’s growing reputation, the Chimera notoriety. The rebels came to see the stylized chimera as a sign of the power of the Empire.

As Thrawn rose to the rank of Admiral, he was given control of the Ninety-sixth Task Force. And they were quickly called to duty to quell a rebellion at Batonn and Scrim Island. Thrawn used the Chimera ion cannons to trigger a tsunami and finally managed to defeat Nightswan.

Thrawn and the Chimera won victory after victory, even against the most tenacious rebel cells. However, the Chimera was eventually lost when a herd of purrgil, lured by transmissions from Ezra Bridger, attached themselves to the ship and vanished into hyperspace, taking Thrawn and Bridger with them.

They haven’t come back yet.

May the force be with you


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