Students use art to imagine Orillia in 2050 (6 photos)


The Sustainable Orillia competition generated over 100 submissions from students at four local elementary schools and Twin Lakes High School

Electric vehicles, some of which are flywheels. Green roofs. A lot of vegetation. Wind turbines. Solar panels. Cycle paths. Higher buildings (densification). Clean water. Clean Air. Sunny days. These are some of the items that appear in the school divisions of Sustainable Orillia’s 2022 art contest, “What Will Orillia Look Like in 2050?”

The contest generated more than 100 submissions from students at four local elementary schools and Twin Lakes High School.

What will our part of the world look like when we transform both our community and the way we live and do things? Our lack of imagination seems to be one of the obstacles standing in the way of the changes we all need to make.

Because of this obstacle, Sustainable Orillia asked students to imagine what our community – and hopefully the world around it – would look like if we seriously and aggressively tackled the task of transforming our lifestyles. and our community to meet the challenges of the climate crisis. . After all, they are the ones who will experience the world of 2050.

As noted above, the elements appearing in the drawings and paintings we received indicate that young people, even in grades 3, 4 and 5, understand the kind of changes needed to transform our world and our community into a better place. sustainable way to live – a happier place!

A group of local artists got together to “swear” submissions – and it was no easy task! However, the group has selected the following winners:

Elementary Schools Division

  • JACKPOT:Brandon Ram. 7th year. Couchiching Heights
  • SECOND PRIZE: Sadie Broders. Year 5, Severn Shores
  • THIRD PRIZE: Milo Irving, 4th year, Severn Shores

Honorable Mentions

  • Eric Frigault (5th year, Regent Park)
  • Taylor Whitelaw (6th grade, Orchard Park)
  • Teagan McCahon (4th year, Severn Shores)
  • Mariam Barrie (7th grade, Orchard Park)

Secondary Schools Division

  • JACKPOT: Jazzy Mansfield (Grade 12, Twin Lakes High School)
  • SECOND PRIZE: Tristan Adam (Grade 11, Twin Lakes High School)

Many of the works submitted to the competition will be featured on the 2023 Calendar of Sustainable Orillia, a fundraiser for Sustainable Orillia. It is hoped that the finished calendars will be available for sale to the community by mid-August. Costing just $10 each, Sustainable Orillia hopes to sell 300 – reminders to hang in your home about the changes we all need to make.

Congratulations to the winners of the school competitions. Many thanks also to the teachers who encouraged students to think about “2050” and submit their work for the competition. And a special thank you to all the students who undertook this difficult task of “imagining the future”. Well done.

One more thing. Sustainable Orillia also asked established artists from our community to imagine what Orillia might look like in 2050. The deadline for entries for this non-school group competition is June 30, which is fast approaching. Some of these submissions could also appear on the 2023 calendar.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE TO ARTISTS SUBMITTING TO THE COMMUNITY COMPETITION. If the artwork is not suitable for shooting and sending to, you can drop off the artwork at Molly Farquharson’s Hibernation Arts Studio, 17 Peter St. S. in Orillia. Works can be delivered there between Tuesday, June 28 and Thursday, June 30. All applications, whether submitted electronically or in person at the studio, must be received by the end of the day on June 30.


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