Superman Art Project Features 75 Iconic Villains (How Many Do You Know?)


Cartoonist Jon Morris paid tribute to Superman Day in a Twitter thread that spotlighted 75 of Man of Steel’s greatest antagonists.

For nearly a century, Superman battled some of DC Comics’ most outrageous and creative villains. To honor the Man of Steel, an artist highlights one of his projects that features 75 of the hero’s best and most underrated villains.

Superman is one of the most powerful characters ever conceived, and as such, he needs to have villains who really think outside the box to challenge him. Despite the overwhelming power Superman displays, he is not a god and has shown vulnerabilities to various forms of kryptonite, magic, overwhelming force, and red solar rays. The weaknesses he possesses have allowed a number of villains to emerge over the hero’s long history, but sadly only a few get the attention they deserve. For every A-lister like Lex Luthor or Doomsday, there are plenty more villains out there waiting for their due.


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Luckily, one artist did just that. On April 18, also known as Superman Day to fans of the hero, “Calamity” Jon Morris visited Twitter to repost a 2013 project titled “Villains of Steel”, a collection of 75 renderings of the Man of Steel’s greatest enemies. Don’t just expect Superman’s greatest hits here, Morris takes a deep dive into Clark Kent’s antagonists through every form of media the Big Blue Boy Scout has appeared in. Superman: The Animated Series, Lois and Clarkand superman: the movie are featured, along with comic book villains that haven’t been seen in years. Fans have gone crazy for the whimsical depictions of Superman’s impressive rogues gallery. Morris even got a shoutout from famed comics editor, Tom Brevoort, who complimented the entire thread saying “It’s good!“.

Morris’ thread has earned him thousands of likes, and with his art style and deep knowledge of Superman, it’s no surprise. It’s really impressive that Morris’ gallery has the deep cuts it does. Few fans may remember the PSAs featuring Superman or the short-lived time he spent on Broadway. But this collection of criminals shows how far Clark Kent has come from his humble beginnings in Action comics #1.

What’s wonderful about this collection is that it acknowledges how Superman is a dominant cultural force by using Clark’s villains instead of the hero himself. Despite his cultural cachet, some fans view Superman as a “boring” hero who doesn’t have many good villains beyond Luthor or Darkseid. But Morris’s collection proves that nothing could be further from the truth. The Man of Steel has one of the most unique caches of supervillains, and with each generation more creative antagonists are added to his cast as he stars in cartoons, movies, and TV shows. television. Morris’s work should serve as a reminder that by Superman the best stories would be nothing without its greatest villains.

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Source: Jon Morris

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