The Art Positive gallery presents Origami artist Ankon Mitra’s solo exhibition titled “A Pilgrim’s Progress”


Bridging spirituality and materiality

Ankon’s installations create a mix of materials linking spirituality and materiality. The layers and gathers of the materials create varying qualities of interior light. Buddhist principles and Indian philosophies oscillate through the finesse of the facets created from multiple folds.

In the thicket of narrow verticals and zigzagging diagonals, set on a thatched-roof matrix of prominence, mottled surfaces quiver with a fertile energy of tension between overlapping geometries.

In this body of work, Ankon’s layouts develop an existential character as he deconstructs the aesthetic logic of his previous constructions in deeper inquiry. Embracing what we call the elegance of materiality, he challenges ideas of order with a dynamic duality while considering the states and spaces of daily routines.

At Bikaner House, the main gallery will be punctuated by a series of folded creations that celebrate the principles of time, space and light. Among the most intriguing and striking will be A Daring Dream of Utopia, Memories of a Warm Embrace, Golden Fruit, The Peacock of the Forest, The Fountain of Folds, Radha-Krishna Raas Leela, The Garden of the Mind, and many more.


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