The North Sea offshore platform becomes a work of art


Designed by creative studio Newsubstance for the government-funded festival ‘Unboxed: Creativity in the UK’, See Monster is one of the largest public art installations in UK history.

The four-storey, 450-tonne offshore rig was sited in a shallow basin on the seafront at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Its upper levels house a wild garden made up of plants adapted to the Atlantic climate. The art installation includes a tiered slide, broadcast studio and amphitheater, while the platform’s former helipad now functions as a vantage point and a waterfall drops 10 meters from the ground floor .

The kinetic artwork on the platform was designed with reference to weather and how it can be used to help build a more sustainable future. Some are made of aluminum to withstand the corrosive salt of the sea air, others use wind and solar technology to generate power to power the top-level platform garden irrigation systems. .

According to the festival’s creative director, Martin Green, “The transformation of a disused platform into one of the UK’s most ambitious public art installations […] proposes a master plan for the reuse of industrial structures”.


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