Uzodimma’s $783,084 wristwatch can build a state-of-the-art hospital and roads


There’s no end to the list of infrastructure projects that could have been provided by the Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky White Diamond 18-piece Limited watch that was recently spotted on the wrist of the state governor. ‘Imo, Hope Uzodimma.

Photos of Uzodimma adorning a wristwatch piece estimated to cost around N455 million appeared on the front page of LEADERSHIP on Wednesday,

Uzodimma wore the watch during an All Progressive Governors (APC) Governors’ Sallah tribute to President Muhammadu Buhari in Daura, Katsina state on Monday.

Said wristwatch, which is rare and uncommon in this part of the globe, is estimated at $785,496 and up.

A peek into the list reveals that at current market rates, Governor Uzodimma’s wristwatch can be used to do a lot in Imo State to benefit ordinary citizens, many of whom are struggling with poverty. .
According to a research firm, ResearchGate, Imo State is grappling with the triple threat of high population density – around 900 people per square meter, poor waste management and land degradation.

LEADERSHIP verifications showed that the wristwatch is currently selling for $783,084. At the prevailing black market rate of N/$612, the wristwatch amounts to (N479,247,408 million).

Calculated at the official importers and exporters exchange rate window of N415.83, the wristwatch would cost N325,629,819 million. The parallel exchange rate (black market rate) always differs from the Central Bank of Nigeria rate (CBN).

Compared to its market value, the wristwatch is worth more than two of the $200 million world-class hospital the Nigerian Sovereign Investments Authority (NSIA) is set to build in Abuja this year in as part of its plans to strengthen Nigeria’s health care delivery system. .

According to NSIA Director General, Mr. Uche Orji, the state-of-the-art hospital will be located in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).
Orji described it as a center for advanced medicine. Another 20 centers would also be built across the country with the same money, according to reports.

The wristwatch can construct the two pedestrian bridges built by the Nasarawa state government with 400 million naira at the Mararaba Orange market in the Karu local government area of ​​the state, although the project has been deemed costly when it was built in 2016.

The results further revealed that Uzodimma’s wristwatch can effectively finance a road like the Kaleyri-Damaturu road in Yobe State which the Ministry of Works and Housing has planned to build with 301.5 million. naira under the amended 2022 national budget, and some remaining funds for other infrastructure. .

It can also pay the N250 million budgeted for the rehabilitation of Enugu-Port Harcourt Road Section III: Enugu-Lokpanta C/No.6251 in the same budget.

This is well above the 8.5 million naira budgeted for the installation of solar powered street lights at 342 Obinze Barracks in Imo State of Uzodimma, and enough to fund the construction of more than five bridges. Ndegu Ede and Drainage along Agbesha-Ndegu Ede Okposhi Road Umuakpu Community in neighboring Ebonyi State, which is estimated to cost N85 million based on figures from the approved Federal Budget for 2022.

At a reduced rate of about 300 million naira, the governor’s wristwatch can construct over a kilometer of road to improve road conditions in Imo State.
Imo is one of the states pulling 13% by-pass as part of the federation’s oil-producing states, but the state has less to show for it.
Meanwhile, the Imo state government has dismissed allegations of extravagance surrounding the wristwatch worn by Governor Uzodimma during his visit to Daura, Kastina state on Tuesday.

State Information Commissioner Chief Declan Emelumba, who spoke to LEADERSHIP, dismissed claims about the wristwatch, Uzodimma always adorned the statement piece even before assuming his duties as governor.

Emelumba said, “Go and check the photos of the governor before he takes office. He has always worn a statement piece; it hasn’t just started. If you look at what he was wearing when he was sworn in, these are items he acquired before, and it’s absolutely unfair to now twist the narrative as if it were a new acquisition.

“Governor Uzodimma has in fact redefined governance with flagship projects that reflect his personality. No one should twist it.

“Besides, how did people arrive at the number they brandish? I have not yet understood how this figure was generated,” Emelumba said.


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